How to avoid Pregnancy Naturally?

Looking for a more natural contraception method? You’ll want to understand what the choices are, what’s involved, and therefore the drawbacks that you simply should consider first, also they aren’t sure ways to avoid getting pregnant.

The NATURAL method of contraception involves tracking the cycle and avoiding sex when an individual is within the fertile period of the cycle. A person's “fertile window” lasts for around 6 to 9 days per month and coincides with ovulation, which is that the release of the egg.

There are some methods of preventing pregnancy, which go hand-in-hand with the physical body. Many couples want to possess children but only with proper planning. To stop unwanted pregnancy, many ladies use contraceptive pills which have adverse effects on the body within the end of the day . There also are variety of home remedies which will assist you prevent pregnancy. Of course, none of those methods is 100% effective; they're all just precautionary. So, it’s always best to practise sexual activity the maximum amount as you'll.


While condoms help prevent both STIs and pregnancy, other sorts of contraception (also called contraception) only help prevent pregnancy. While you'll choose different sorts of contraception, remember that condoms are the simplest sort of protection against STIs also.

Fertility Awareness:

These methods are supported your own body without using any devices or Medicines. The essential idea is to predict which days of the month you’d be presumably to urge pregnant. You’ll skip sex on those days.

It sounds simple, but it’s not always easy to know your fertile days. And if your period isn’t regular, you would possibly be happier with a special strategy.

Practise the Start-Stop Method:

The male partner can lookout to not ejaculate inside his partner. This method requires practice, and there is always a risk that the sperm might enter the vagina. It's a behavioural action where a person pulls his penis out of the vagina before he ejaculates. This might not be as reliable a natural contraception method for 2 reasons. A male ejects pre-ejaculate fluid when he's aroused. In some men, this fluid may contain sperm. These sperm are released into the vagina since his penis remains inside and it only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg. Therefore, it’s better to try to this alongside other proven contraceptive methods.

Look Out for Cervical Discharge: A female body produces a transparent, jelly-like discharge within the days leading up to ovulation. Abstaining from sex during this era can prevent ovulation.


Basal blood heat Method (BBT): BBT predicts your fertile days and tracks your cycle. But rather than tracking the times after your menstrual periods, it uses your natural blood heat changes as a basis for prediction. Because the BBT thermometer must detect even the slightest change within the blood heat. It's suggested to require your temperature at an equivalent time every morning. The results are going to be more accurate and allows you to plan intercourse accordingly.

Breastfeeding: This approach works just for the primary 6 months after parturition -- and as long as you haven’t gotten your period yet and you exclusively breastfeed your baby; no formula and no bottles in the least.

You’ll need to nurse a minimum of every 4 hours during the day and each 6 hours in the dark. Pumping will not count! It keeps your body from releasing an egg.


Other Natural Home Remedy For Preventing Pregnancy:

1.Papaya Fruit: Some believe if you've got unsafe intercourse, having papaya twice each day for subsequent 3-4 days may reduce the probabilities of an unwanted pregnancy. It's naturally a heat inducing fruit. Some also believe that when the fruit is consumed by the male partner, it can reduce sperm count. Well it's going to or might not work.

2.Ginger: Ginger is believed to induce a period and stop pregnancy. Grate some ginger and boil it during a cup of water for five minutes, strained and consumed twice each day. However, this remedy also doesn't guarantee results. But it works personally on behalf of me once I want my periods to return earlier.

3. Dried Figs: Figs promote blood circulation. There is no proof that eating dried figs after having unsafe intercourse can help prevent pregnancy. Also, overeating figs can cause indigestion.

4. Pineapple: Some believe the properties of pineapple can prevent pregnancy; therefore, they suggest eating an unripe pineapple a day for 2-3 days after sex. Again, no study supports this myth, and therefore the pineapple is best enjoyed as a delicious fruit in moderate quantities.


The above mentioned foods above are neither 100% effective nor 100% free from side effects. Some carry risks which will prove harmful within the end of the day.

As I explained within the beginning you'll try these home remedies to stop unwanted pregnancy but it'll not be as effective as condoms, contraceptive pills or other medical contraceptive devices. We might suggest consulting your doctor before going ahead with the above methods. Doctor will check and advice the effective method which can be suitable for your body.

 Now I would like to inform you about some myths using contraception methods. There is a lot of misinformation about how to use birth control, as well as some methods that simply do not work. 

Now we wish to inform you about some myths using contraception methods. There's tons of misinformation about the way to use contraception, also as some methods that simply don't work.

You can’t get pregnant if you don’t have an orgasm – Pregnancy occurs when a sperm from male fertilizes an egg from the feminine. It's not necessary for a lady to possess orgasm to urge pregnant. a lady of childbearing age releases an egg monthly as a part of her regular cycle. This happens whether or not the lady has sex or an orgasm.

If you jump up and down after sex the sperm will fall out of the vagina is also a myth. Jumping up and down doesn't cause sperm to fall out. Albeit you hop on a trampoline it won’t prevent pregnancy.

Can’t get pregnant from Pre- ejaculate – Again it’s a myth. Pre-ejaculate may be a clear fluid that men release when they’re sexually aroused. Although it doesn’t contain any sperm on its own, pre-ejaculate can mix with sperm on its answer of the penis. In fact, one study found sperm within the pre-ejaculate of quite 40% of men. That’s why the pull-out, or withdrawal, method isn’t fool proof. Albeit the person removes their penis before they ejaculate, sperm within the pre-ejaculate can still get the lady pregnant.

We can’t get pregnant while on periods – Albeit the probabilities are lower you'll still get pregnant during your period. It’s also possible to ovulate during menstruation, and there’s an opportunity of getting pregnant if you ovulate shortly after your period. Sperm can fertilize eggs for up to three days. If you've got sex at the top of menstruation and ovulate a couple of days later, you'll get pregnant.

Does douching after sex prevent female from getting pregnant? Douching, or washing your vagina with water or other fluids, doesn’t work as contraception. Sperm swim quickly. By the time you douche, many of them have already entered your uterus. In fact, douching can push more sperm upward. It's going to also raise your risk of vaginal infections and sexually transmitted infections.

There also are Disadvantages of Natural Birth Control:

It are often difficult to estimate or know precisely when a lady is fertile, allowing increased chances for unplanned conception.

Natural methods aren't as effective as some sorts of contraception.

Ovulation test kits are employed by some couples using natural methods of contraception, and therefore the cost of those kits is another potential disadvantage.

Being unable to possess intercourse at certain times of the month may be a disadvantage for a few women.

There are side effects which depend upon the choice the lady chooses like nausea, headache, mood swings, and breast tenderness.

Keep this stuff in mind once you are using natural contraceptive.

If you’re trying to find an efficient thanks to avoid pregnancy and are considering anybody of the above methods on a long-term basis, consult a gynaecologist.

If you experience any discomfort or abnormal health effects after taking the remedy, you must stop taking it.

Make sure you eat healthily while taking any contraception measures.

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