What is Tinder? Do you know 12 Key Features of Tinder ?

What is Tinder app? Know 12 Key Features of Tinder to get better matches.

We are in the world of digitization , now everything is done online , right from business to education , and what not dating as well. Gone are the days where we used to send love letters by post, now we only see emoji’s and texts. How much we have evolved during all this time. As there are every type of application available online, so are dating’s applications such as tinder, bumble etc. Tinder is a free dating app that matches you with people of your liking in your designated area, it is currently owned by “match” group. It was launched back in 2012, over a night became the most famous dating app in the US. It’s feature “swipe right if you like him, swipe left if you don’t “made it easier for the singles to choose their partner as per their liking. This feature was also copied by many dating apps such as bumble, hinge , coffeemeetsbagel etc.

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Across the world overall 49 million people use online dating apps among them 80 % of the total youth use “Tinder” as the dating app. The report mentioned by Statistic Brain Institute there are overall 8,000 dating sites available online. A recent survey taken by user demographic states that the ratio of male to the females signed up for the dating apps is 1:2:5  that is 40 to 60 split up where women being major in number of users. Also a survey mentioned by Net imperative – Digital Intelligence for Business the gender gap on the dating app such as “Tinder “men outnumber on the ratio in comparison with female. It states that there are 91 % of the male signed up as compared to females on “Tinder”, which is roughly one female user for every nine male users. According to the researched article mentioned by Techno Media it states there are ten dating apps currently being used by the majority of the youth, they are Tinder, Bumble, Truly madly, Happn, Woo, OkCupid, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, Aisle, Badoo GoGaga and Azar.

Corona virus has changed the dating apps irreversibly, there is a 40% rate of increase in the users on “Tinder”. Dating on Tinder is very popular these days. The ratio follows the same male is higher as compared to women. According to the statistics 1.6 billion swipes per day in 2018. Daily swipes as per current scenario is 3 million in 2020, cumulatively 60 billion matches have been registered on Tinder.

Basic functionality: Dating on tinder comes with a free app also with a paid subscription plan with the upgraded version. One has to download the application which is available on all the platforms compatible with all the operating systems such as IOS , android. After installation one has to fill in the basic information such as name, age, gender, gender preferences. After filling all the information it will show singles as per the location. All we have to do is swipe right and swipe left, easy isn’t it!

There are 12 key features available for dating on Tinder app, such as:

1.Heart: The green heart shows that you have an interest in the person. Also you can swipe to the profile to read their bio and other things mentioned. It is considered the easiest feature to operate on tinder and the functionality is really simple.

2.Lightning bolt: It is a premium feature which puts your profile on top of the list for 30 minutes in your location. This key feature is premium but quite interesting for the people. It is said to be one of the most buying premium features on tinder. As our profile is placed in the top list it makes it easy to find a match of our liking.

3.X: This key feature has one benefit: it keeps the profile away from the interface in which you have least interest. Or else one can also swipe left on the profile and both works the same. As we know when we interact online there are many people we don’t intend to interact on tinder with then this feature becomes a blessing.

4.Star: The blue star is for when you "Super Like" someone. It's a premium feature that lets you show a potential match to your interest before the swiping process begins for dating on tinder.

5.Rewind: It is a premium golden feature that allows you to rewind the profile which you skipped accidentally or want to save. It helps you to save the potential profile.

6.Connect with other apps: One can add other apps such as Spotify with Tinder to show your interest and taste. It helps to depict the clear thought of taste.

7.Push Notification: Push notifications are one of the most crucial features of the Tinder app. Because they are well-known, engaging, and necessary to provide regular returns to the dating app. They notify you whenever you get a new message, like or a match.

8.Personal Security: Personal security is a new tinder feature that is released to protect all LGBTQ+ users, who are visiting different nations regularly. It defends users against all the countries that doesn’t allow same-sex acts or relationships. Therefore, profiles of all the users who are identified on the app as a gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, or queer will not appear on Tinder when they will reach any of the prohibited region.

9.Block Users: There are times when you find someone irritating, and you don’t want to talk with a person. For this, tinder provides a feature to block any person. Please note that after you block someone, you will not be able to unblock them.

This app comes with different plans based on once preference. Plan with many key features that help you to make connections and find the right one. Premium plans include tinder plus, tinder gold, tinder platinum.

10.Tinder plus: This plan is available at 9.99 $ the key features available are plus likes, more rewind and boost each month. The cool feature is one can partially hide their information from the people such as name, description, location and details. The most basic plan on this app but with cool features, affordable as well as intriguing.

11.Tinder Gold: Isn’t it fun to see who looked at your profile, who like your profile before you like or dislike it. This cool feature is available in tinder gold. Not only it gives you the access for all the tinder plus features but also comes with the cool titles as creative, adventurous on the profile which helps you to match with others preferably. This plan starts with 18 $ per month, with the more unique features.

12.Tinder Platinum: This plan is available from 30 $ to 40 $ per month, also includes all the key features under tinder plus and tinder gold plans. Additional to this if you like someone’s profile you have a priority for those who are not with subscription. And if super like by others, this feature allows you to directly send the message before liking the profile.

This app also includes privacy policies so it can be considered as a harmless dating app. One of the first dating app which was launched in 2012, now there are many upgrades done. But the key features remain the same. Easy to use and hard to resist. Also known for “hooking app “, but everything is dependent on the users. So people not only find partners for dating but also partner for lifetime. One can conclude that we are not in the time where matches are made in heaven but we are living in the time where matches are made online.


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