Best doctors for skin cancer in India

Skin cancer is kind of a condition when an abnormal growth of skin cells starts taking place in your body. Its development starts taking place in the areas which have more exposure to the sun, but that's not fixed since its formation also can take place in the areas which are normally not exposed to that many sun rays.

The two main categories of skin cancers are distinguished by the number of cells involved in the skin:-

1.Keratinocyte carcinoma – This is the first category of this cancer which constitutes basal and squamous cell skin cancers. It is one of the popular forms of skin cancer. Their development is more most likely to take place on areas of your body that get the most exposure to the sun, for an instance your head and neck. Although they are less fatal hence there is a lesser tendency for this cancer to get spread and putting your life at risk. But you have to remain very precautious since without proper treatment it can easily spread to other parts of the body.

2.Melanoma – Melanoma is the second most category of skin cancers. The development of this type of cancer cells develops from the very cells that do the formation of your skin colour. These cells are popularly known as melanocytes. The formation of Benign moles melanocytes can become cancerous.  Its formation can take place anywhere on your body. The development of these moles in men can take place on the chest and back. In the case of women, the formation of moles takes place on the legs. Although they are less fatal hence there is a lesser tendency for this cancer to get spread and putting your life at risk. But you have to remain very precautious since without proper treatment it can easily spread to other parts of the body.

Skincare: Symptoms:

 Various symptoms of skin cancer are as follows:-

Border – The edges which are healthy freckled or mole should be of a fairly kind texture. Ragged, raised, or notched borders can be all be sign and symptoms of cancer.

Change of colour – A month is a healthy freckle or should have a uniform colour. If there is variation in Color it may be due to cancer. Be precautions about different shades of tan, brown, white, red and black.

Diameter – A mole or freckle whose diameter is larger than 6 millimetres or maybe an approximate diameter of a pencil eraser might be a sign and symptom of skin cancer.

Keep a note – You should be precautions against any new moles or freckles. You should also keep in notice regarding variation in colour and the size of your existing moles.

  Asymmetrical – After drawing a line down the middle of a healthy mole, both sides will look very similar. Cancerous moles are generally asymmetrical. This means that both halves of the cancerous mole look very different from the other.


Skin cancer: Prevention:-

To prevent skin cancer you should keep in mind the following:-

Apply sunscreen – It is advisable and beneficial to use a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF daily. 

You should apply the sunscreen on your face before 15 to 30 minutes stepping outside of the home.

Precautious of using sunscreen – You should completely abstain from stepping outside between sun peak hours between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you are outdoor properly wear sunglasses, hats, and wear bright clothes and take care to cover your skin properly.

Self-examination – There is nothing best than examining your skin once a month and visiting your preferred doctor for an annual examination of your skin.

Skin cancer : Statistics:-

Skin cancer is one of the 19th most popular cancer worldwide.

Skin cancer constitutes 3.18% in India. Which is 84 out of 2638 patients comes in registration with cancer of all types. The age of the patients ranges between  27 to 92 yrs. Basal cell carcinoma which is also known as BCC is the most common popular histological type which ranges to 54.76% that means 46 out of 84 patients suffer from it. Squamous cell carcinoma which is also known as SCC which has an incurrence of 36.91% which breaks down to the fact that 31 out of 84 patients suffer from this. 

The occurrence of skin cancer in India is low in the proportion which ranges between 0.5%– 4.8% among females and it ranges between 0.04%–6.2% among males.

It is in estimation that approximate 9,500 people in India do get diagnosed with skin cancer every day on daily basis.

Although it has been reported that the incidence of skin cancer in India is lesser than 1% in comparison to all the other cancers. Recently the incidence of skin cancers accounted to be 3.18% of all the cancer patients who registered themselves in an interval period of one year, according to the latest resources.

Skin cancer: Best doctors for treatment in India:-

Prof.Dr. Suresh H. Advani –. Dr Suresh H. Advani is the epitome of medical as well as a pediatric oncologist and haematoma-oncologist having at least 43+ years of experience. He is based in Mumbai, India. Due to his phenomenal service, he has been bestowed with the highest civilian awards of India, known as  Padma Bhushan Award in the year 2012 and Padma Shri by the Government of India in the year 2002. His area of expertise treatment includes Lymphomas, Bone marrow transplant, Acute Leukemia, Multiple myeloma, Breast Cancer and other types of cancer.

Dr Vinod Raina – He is a famous medical oncologist in Gurgaon, India having 37+ years of experience in the particular field. 

He has operated approximate 600 transplants for various types of cancers, the largest in India in the last 20 years. Moreover, he has done over 250 allotransplants. He is one of the doctors who has performed the first high dose chemotherapy in India. His area of expertise treatment includes  Concurrent Bio – Radiotherapy, Paediatric Chemotherapy & Palliative Bio - Chemotherapy.

Dr Rajesh Jindal – He is one of the main medical consultants in Fortis Hospital, Kolkata, India having 23 years of experience. Dr Jindal has also worked and gained experience as an Associate Consultant in Medical Oncology at the famous King Fahd Specialist Hospital which is in Saudi Arabia.

He has attained an MBBS &MD degree (Radiotherapy) from some of the eminent colleges in India.

Dr Sunil Kumar Gupta – He is a famous medical oncologist in Venkateshwar Hospital, New Delhi. He has experience of 27+ years in the medical field. He has also been awarded the Best medical oncologist award by Medgate. His area of expertise includes treatment of all stages of Solid Tumors and Hematological Malignancies. He can also treat  Autologous and Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant, high dose Chemotherapy and regional Chemotherapy.

Dr Sankar Srinivasan – He is an eminent member of the American College of Physicians with 28+years of experience. He is based in Apollo Hospital in Chennai. His area of expertise includes skin cancer, radiotherapy and regional chemotherapy.


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