Is Therapy the only way to deal with Mental Health Problems?

India is labeled as one of the most depressed countries. People here still hold the Orthodox thinking of being shy and in the denial mode of speaking about mental health problems. It is the main reason for increasing mental health cases each day.

According to the mental health experts, 'The single contribution by India on the suicide rates is 36.6% globally.'

As estimated by the researchers, 'It was predicted that by the end of 2020, almost 20% of the Indians are going to suffer from at least one of the mental health problems.'

It's also being estimated that the 'Economic loss occurring because of the mental health problems between the period of 2012 to 2030 will be around 1.03 trillion.'

People, in India, need to be more educated to talk freely about mental health problems each day rather than just putting a mental health quotation on the world mental health day I.e., 10th October. 

is therapy the only way to deal with mental health problems

Mind-Blowing Statistics - Mental Health, WHO, 2020

  • Almost 7.5% of the Indians suffer from mental health problems. 
  • Almost 56 million Indians are undergoing the trauma of mental health depression.
  • More than 38 million Indian people are patients of anxiety disorders. 
  • Researchers say that the mental health problems are similar to the 2,443 disabled years for every 1,00,000 people. 
  • One out of every 7th person tolerated the mental health issues in 2017.  

Is Therapy the only way to deal with Mental Health?

Mental health that needs immediate treatment has 'Therapy' as the direct way of dealing. But apart from this, several other ways come in line to deal with mental health problems. Let's discuss each of them below -

1.Treatment is done via talking

Being a human being, the thing we struggle with the most is talking about our feelings smoothly. 

We live in a judgment society - We somewhere are scared of being judged, insulted, and taken for granted if we speak our opinions, and our hearts out loud! 

But, no more - I encourage you to speak with your friends, families or directly consult the online counselors and take their help to feel better, please don't suffer alone. In this particular method of Talking, 'You first talk, and then gets fully fueled to rock.' 

How does Talking help to improve mental health?

  • It makes your relationships healthy with others.
  • Helps you to cope up with difficult times, failures, and past traumas.
  • Gives you the inner strength to deal with life problems in a better way.
  • Ease your life by letting you have the feeling of being heard and that your opinions matter. 

2.Yoga, meditation and Nature

Doing yoga daily and talking to nature is the best cure for any illness! According to the mental health experts, 'Yoga holds the power to calm our mind, body, and soul, by taking us away….far away from the stress of life making us feel good about our beings.' 

As per the mental health researchers, 'Nature is our best friend, the more you water it...the more it will water you. Walking barefoot in nature, connecting with the trees, plants, animals, fresh air ultimately helps you to connect with the universe. All of this process is 90 times more healing than any existing mental health therapy.'

3.Creativity and Artistry

Everybody has some hidden talents - exploring them can miraculously create wonders! According to the mental health experts, - 'Shifting your focus to the creative things can help cure your mental health problems by 70-80% in the short period. 

What creativity and artistry things can you try?

  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Learning new languages
  • Dancing
  • Writing creative things
  • Doing DIY hacks
  • Decorating home walls
  • Singing
  • Acting
  • Drama classes
  • Reading books especially on spirituality can help the most
  • Playing outdoor games
  • Joining personality development classes 

4.Healthy Home Environment

According to the mental health experts, '80% of the mental health issues would vanish completely if we had a healthy environment at our place. With this, I'm particularly referring to the people who can listen to us, support us instead of letting us down.'

Generally, what happens is that the home toxicity in terms of creating the external pressure, fights, aggression, abusive environment, divorces, disrespect, etc - all can lead to the unseen wild mental health psycho problems among the family persons knowingly or unknowingly. 

How family at home can stop the toxic culture practice?

  • Speak to each other politely instead of using abusive words and disrespecting each other's opinions.
  • Stop putting your dreams or expectations on your children.
  • Stop gender biases at home. 
  • Talk to each other more often about each other's struggles, happy moments, plan outings, drink/eat healthy to maintain a good decorum at home.
  • Learn to stay happy at the minimum you have instead of creating pressure among each other with your material wants.
  • Listen to your children, their needs, their career goals, their hobbies, their dreams - let them know that it all matters to them and they have the freedom to make this choice!
  • Create a loving and empathetic home environment which itself would seem like a wonderful therapeutic place. People should feel at peace and calm when they are home.

5.Lifestyle Changes

According to the psychology experts, 'The small changes in the lifestyle like eating schedules, sleeping schedules, reading schedules, etc can lead to dealing with the mental health problems naturally by 70-80% effectiveness without the help of any psychiatrist.'

What lifestyle changes you need to do?

  • Wake up early around 6-7 am.
  • Meditate for 10-20 minutes.
  • Write things you are grateful for and things you want to manifest. 
  • Exercise/Do Yoga/Gym for at least 30 minutes daily.
  • Drink protein shakes or homemade smoothies. 
  • Freshen up and eat breakfast on time.
  • Write a plan of action for the day & start working on your plans.
  • Eat lunch on time and in between read the books that soothe your soul.
  • Drink coffee in the evening to relax.
  • Talk to your friends, colleagues about business, and their life.
  • After office go to learn your favorite hobby like guitar, dance classes, yoga, public speaking whatever makes you feel better and happy.
  • Do some act of kindness with the people in need. According to experts, 'A small act of kindness can heal your soul by 80%.' 
  • Listen to motivational videos
  • Have dinner with your family at one table.
  • Before sleeping, drink one big glass of milk.

It requires you to be very basic and simple in life to be extraordinary and healthy from within! Once you change your lifestyle, avoid alcohol/drugs/smoking, replace them with fruit shakes, milk smoothies, etc can create a high amount of positive effect on your mind improving your mental health.

Mental health has no face - Even a happy face can hide his mental health trauma without you catching it! So, be kind, loving, polite, and empathetic towards others instead of judging them for no reason. Half of the mental health, as per the studies gets cured by listening. You don't always need a therapist to heal you. Sometimes, it's our loved ones who after changing their actions and behaviors, and approach towards life can become your free therapists by healing the core of our mental health. Stay happy, and speak whenever any mental health problem knocks on your door!  


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