She discovers the guy she is dating is married and decides to tell the wife!


She discovers the guy she is dating is married and decides to tell the wife!

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Dating – Dating is something very special and when we are dating someone, we always hope that the very person should be the one for us, with whom we could walk down the aisle. Dating also starts with courtship where the guy will first confess about his feelings for the girl and then will try to woo her away with his chivalry, and then they can get into relation. But life is not always sunflowers and roses, we also have thorns, so we have to overcome those and one such thorn in our lives would be when we are cheated by the one with whom we wanted a forever.

Now, tell me how you would feel, if one day you find out that the person you are dating is cheating on you and is already married?

  • Sad and betrayed.
  •  Angry over the fact that why you?
  •  Feel stupid for believing in some man like him.
  • Feeling guilty for not being smart enough to catch on to his lies.
  • And your trust over having a romantic relationship will be destroyed.

Reasons why would he date you even when he is already married?

  • He is not happy and satisfied with his wife.
  • He just wanted an extra – marital affair and you seemed to be the perfect option.
  • He wanted a casual dating relationship because he was already married.
  • Or he genuinely likes you but is married to his wife because of parental pressure.

§  He might want to divorce his because of incompatibility and that is why he was searching for love somewhere else.

We can understand that he might have his reasons to date you even after being married but how will you understand that the person you are dating is married or not because I’m he would have not told you before getting into a relationship with you that he is married (happens in very rare situations where you might be informed about it). Well, we have some points and reasons up our sleeves to find out if the guy you are dating is married or not and they are as follows:

§  Not inviting you over – We all living in a modern world today where it is okay for two people dating each spend some quality time together and sometimes in order to do that call each other over at their place, so if you boyfriend never invites you over, then my friend you definitely have to do some investigation out there to find out why is he not inviting you over ever.

§  You hardly get a chance to meet his friends – When we get into a relationship or are dating someone we always make sure to let our friends know about it and then make our boyfriend/girlfriend meet our friends, well because their approval is needed you know. But when you are not meeting any of your boyfriend’s friends or rarely get a chance to meet them, then it’s time for you question him about it.

§  He is not always available – Everyone is busy juggling a lot of stuff, and might always not have time for everyone and same is the case when you are dating, but the important thing is when you take efforts and make time for your loved ones, and my dear friend if your boyfriend fails to do that, makes sure that he has a genuine reason for that.

§  Never or rarely spends holidays or vacations with you – Holidays and vacations are the times that we always look forward to, so that we could spend some quality time with our family, friends and lovers but if your boyfriend fails to spend those holidays and vacations with you that you have been waiting for so eagerly, then make sure to ask him the reason why he is unable to do so.

And my dear girls, now that you know why would a married man date you, then how would you feel after knowing that he has been two-timing you, and finally getting to know how to understand if your boyfriend is married or not, let’s see what can happen if you get to know that your boyfriend is married and you have decided to let his wife know about his two – timing.

§  If you are able to gather enough courage and go and tell your boyfriend’s wife that he had not been cheating on you but also her, she might get heartbroken and this might affect her mental health.

§  She might become depressive and might take some decision which may in return affect her life.

§  They might get divorced.

§  Might file a complaint for having an extra – marital affair.

§  If they have a family (kids), it might get destroyed and kids may become the victim of the suffering.

These are the things that might take place when you go and inform your boyfriend’s wife that he is/was dating you even when he was /is married to her but what are the things that might happen to you if you do that? Well a number of things can happen and they are as follows:

§  You might accused of being the villain in the story, that you are the one that who came in between their relationship and now that he is unable to or doesn’t give you enough attention, you chose to disclose your relationship and also frame the boyfriend for having an extra – marital affair. (even though if that might not be the case).

§  Your mental will be badly affected because of all the blame game.

§  And once everyone gets to know that you were once involved with a married man, you will be judged and might not get good marriage proposals (in India).

§  You will stop believing in the idea of love and will start thinking that all men are the same, even if that’s not the reality.

§  And suppose, even if he gets divorced with his wife and comes back to you, the society won’t let you live happily, it will call you names and say she is a house wrecker.

And thus, when it comes to things like dating, one must be careful of whom they are dating, check their background and only then move forward with the relationship, because once they get too deep into the relationship then they will hurt later on when their heart is broken. And if you already know that your boyfriend is married then beware of the consequences because being in a relationship with a married guy is not easy, as it will be difficult to get the status of their official wife or girlfriend if he doesn’t divorces his wife, you will always have to keep your relationship hidden because of the fear of getting caught and being blamed for destroying a relationship. And even if you get married to your boyfriend after he had divorced his wife, you might feel guilty for breaking someone’s heart, for taking away something what once theirs.

“Secrets and lies kill relationships, no matter how careful you are, you will get caught.”

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