10 Hacks: Mistakes to avoid when Online Dating

The world has changed pretty rapidly. More and more, we’re searching our jobs, our cars, and our homes online – and we’re also hunting for love. The online dating industry now says annual revenues of almost $1.25 billion. Because it’s such an emerging phenomenon, though, there’s a pretty sheer learning curve. Before you reach out to that potentially great partner, make sure you go about it the correct way. Avoiding any missteps can give you a better opportunity to begin contact, go on a date and hopefully see it flourish into love.

The wild world of dating can be a difficult one to navigate. After all, there's no guide on how to court someone. But just because there are no hard and quick rules about what you should do when dating, that doesn't mean there aren't things you should avoid doing in the dating scenario. There are many general dating mistakes almost everyone makes.

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According to the report, there are 20.87 million paid customers and 18.72 million free customers in India, as of February 2019.

India is prepared to turn into a $77 million market for the apps by 2023 with an approximation of 24.17 million paid customers and 21.73 million free customers.

In 2017, approximately 52 % of Indians aged between 25 and 34 and 30.7 % between 18 and 24 used dating apps. Out of this, 57.4 % were male and 42.6 % users were female.

For some of the more general online dating mistakes to avoid, read more.

1. Don’t Post Your Best Photo

People don’t generally appear like their best photos. If you do, amazing. If you’re like the rest of us although, you’re only setting yourself up for breakdown if you post your best one. Instead, post usual, everyday photos of yourself and keep away from any pictures where the light catches you completely and provides you that (impractical) movie star look.

2. Take the Time to Read Member Profiles

People engage a lot of time and effort into generating their profiles – do yourself goodwill and read them. If you’re outer someone’s age or location range, don’t create contact. If you’re a pet enthusiast and a profile captures your attention, don’t reach out if that person is sensitive to cats. Reading online dating profiles carefully may take a bit of time, but in the long run, it’s going to make your hunt for that perfect someone a lot more resourceful.

3. Be cautious What You Say and Who You Say It Too

Don’t automatically assume that people on a specific dating website don’t talk with one another. If you’re telling one person what a party animal you are but you make an attempt to come off as a good personality to draw another, you might get caught lifeless in your tracks.

4. Cast a Broad Net in Your hunt

Rather than looking for causes not to reach out to people, try to search for things that do draw you to them. Get in touch with anyone you might share general interests with and see where it goes. If you’ve never been drawn to brunettes, undo up a bit. If you think you’d never date a keen sports fan, give it a shot. You never know what kind of person you might fall for and the content of online profiles is restricted by nature, so send messages to some folks the computer may not match you with and you might just astonish yourself.

5. You're focused on dating only one person at a time.

If you're not in a private relationship, there is no reason to concentrate all of your energy on one person—particularly if they're not just focused on you. Keenly dating is about meeting, getting familiar, and eventually selecting new people in the chase of a relationship. Not only that but dating many people at a time helps prevent you from "over-attaching to one individual too early" and enables you to have the opportunity to see people in a diversity of situations.

6. You’ve Given All The Power To The Men

 One of the most general complaints that I heed from females is that their old profiles attract immoral kinds of people. If this is your main issue, you’ve already given up all the authority when it comes to your online dating accomplishment. When you put all your concentration on who is reaching out to you, it means that you aren’t putting sufficient focus on reaching out to men that you find fascinating and good-looking. If all of your energy is wasted on being found, your best result is to be able to select the best from whatever happens to search you. 


7. You’re Fishing In The Wrong Pond

 I generally talk to female clients who aren’t able to find the right men because they are searching in the wrong place. No matter how much you highlight that you’re looking for a sober relationship on Tinder, Bumble, or any swiping app, the opportunities of searching for someone else with a similar goal are very slight. Swipe apps are considered for tremendously superficial attraction and informal connections. On the other hand, there’s eHarmony. It is more of a marital site than a dating site. Also, it uses the trick of restricting your selections because they’ve systematically proven that you’ll patch up for something when given fewer choices. Those are just a couple of examples. More reasons should be looked upon.

8. You text too much amid dates.

Over-messaging in between dates gives you fewer things to discuss when you in fact see each other. So keep messages informal and short—just enough to show your curiosity, but not so much that you slay the conversation later on. Sadly, shy people or those with social anxiety will use messaging as a replacement for meeting in person. But it hardly ever puts up a similar level of link as face-to-face chats.

9. You're dating because you don't want to be unaccompanied.

It's all right to want a relationship, but when you start convincing connections and relationships because it's what you believe you should be doing or because you're painful flying solo, then it causes a problem.

The word 'need' will slip you of any power you have in the dating realm. Anytime you appear for love with a 'need' for a partner to fill up a donut hole, you offer your power away and misplace yourself clarifies relationship expert and therapist Audrey Hope. "Anyone who succeeds in ruling true love must do so by being their genuine selves and in their power."

10. You are surrounded by negative thoughts

 You can't create room for a positive relationship if you're always trapped on the negative when you look in the mirror. Any time you imagine negative thoughts about yourself—like "I'm too young" or "I'm too overweight"—Hope says you cut down your self-confidence and value while alleviating the person you are dating. You start to see this person as "too fine for you," which leads to an unhealthy relationship and puts your partner up on an unachievable platform.


I hope you are clear with the mistakes to avoid while online dating. Be careful if you choose online dating from different sites.

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