How to Cancel Tinder Gold easily?

How to Cancel Tinder Gold easily?

We have all been there: You are under the covers, looking through tinder far beyond your sleep time. You are on a left-swipe roll and unintentionally pass on somebody you would have swiped directly on so hard your thumb would break. 

how to cancel tinder gold?

The best way to Rewind — switch your last swipe — is to pay for tinder, so for what reason do you go on and simply drop a few dollars every month to pay for a Tinder Gold membership? This will hinder you $14.99 for one month, however, the per-month cost diminishes the more you buy in $7.50 each month for a half-year ($49.99 absolute) or $5.00 each month for a year ($59.99 complete). 

If, when you get the following month’s charge, you lament this choice, you will need to drop tinder Gold. Here’s the way to do it. 


Tinder Gold is one of the dating application’s level membership alternatives. Possibly they call it gold since it is the Goldilocks of plans, having more advantages (and cost more) than Tinder Additionally, however fewer advantages and a more modest sticker price than Tinder Platinum. 

With all Tinder memberships, you do not see promotions. You have limitless Preferences (rather than 100 right-swipes each day with the expectation of complimentary clients), limitless Rewinds, and can utilize the Visa highlight for any area. 

Tinder Gold, in contrast to Tinder Besides, likewise has Top Picks, where the application serves you your “most swipe-commendable matches.” You will get one free Lift a month, which makes you a top profile in your space for 30 minutes, and free Super Likes, which let the client realize you Enjoyed them before they Like you back. 

Notwithstanding those highlights, Tinder Platinum permits you to see Preferences you made; gives you Need Preferences, which put you at the highest point of your expected match’s alternatives; and allows you to communicate something specific when you Very Like. 


How you drop Tinder Gold relies upon how you bought in. Erasing the application on your mobile will not drop the membership, and if you bought it through the Apple or Google Play Store, erasing your Tinder account itself will not drop it by the same token. 

If you purchased Tinder Gold on your iPhone, open your Settings and tap on your name. Then, at that point tap memberships, select your Tinder one, and press Drop Membership. 

For Android, there are two alternatives. If you bought through the Google Play Store, go there on your Android. Tap the Menu symbol and go to Memberships. Select the Tinder membership, and pick Drop Membership. 

If you utilized the immediate MasterCard choice on Android, open Tinder on your gadget. Go to your profile, tap Oversee Installment Record, then, at that point Drop Membership. 

At last, if you purchased Tinder Gold through Tinder’s program application, go to the site. Tap the profile symbol, go to Oversee Record, then, at that point click Drop or handicap Auto Restore. Erasing your Tinder account on the program site additionally naturally drops the membership on the off chance that you got it there. 

As yet experiencing difficulty? Kindling has a different article for help on dropping the membership, however, it’s essentially similar guidelines. Should you need individualized assistance, screen capture what you’re seeing and contact Tinder straightforwardly. 


You will in any case approach the paid highlights until the membership runs out. Kindling does not customize charges dependent on abrogation date, nor do they retroactively discount past instalments. 

Dropping your paid membership does not erase your Tinder account, so you can in any case utilize it free of charge. Should you need the additional items once more, you can generally begin another membership. Up to that point, partake in your lament free swipes

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