Do girls come on Tinder for serious relationship?

 Do girls come on Tinder for a serious relationship? Questions like this don't have answers in Yes or No - they require quite good research to conclude and come to a common ground. 

Tinder for serious relationship

According to the legit sources research on the Tinder application, it is split into a 50/50 ratio of men and women.  

We have prepared a detailed article on coming closer to a perfect answer for this question. 

Tinder statistics 

  • The overall population of Tinder is around 7 million users/month. Out of this number, 3.5 million are almost women. 
  • The Survey Monkey Intelligence research shows that women and men on Tinder are equally dominant irrespective of a gender-based notion. 
  • More than 40% of the women in Tinder are just for time pass and casual hookups, a study of 2016 revealed. 

What girls look out from Tinder?

A girl on tinder can be for either of the following reasons. Let's get a brief understanding about all of them below -

  1. Self Validation

There are numerous females out there who underestimate themselves or are being underestimated by somebody else. It might have lead to a sense of body shaming, worthlessness, and lack of confidence among themselves. It indeed would have led to withdrawing from the daily life events and doing things you once loved the most. So, to get approval and gain that motivation or confidence back among themselves, these females use Tinder. But, now the question arises, that how Tinder can help in increasing the feeling of self-worth? The more likes, and appreciation you get on Tinder profiles, the more likely you are going to feel awesome about your looks, and your entire personality. It can help you regain that confidence that there are men out there who still are interested in you. 

  1. Casual Hookup

According to one of the 2016 studies, almost 18% of the Tinder females reportedly agreed to use Tinder for the nightstand. More than 60% of women revealed that to them Tinder is nothing more than a platform for having a casual hookup and casual sex. Such females are pretty much clear on not to create an emotional attachment with the men they get to meet on Tinder - the only purpose for them to try on to new date is to satisfy their physical needs. These females, as they age, love to have a new taste of men which indeed is the most important driving reason to create their profiles in the Tinder application. 

  1. Better Communication 

Several girls are shy and introverted! So, to experience how date feels like - these females preferred using Tinder only for online dating. They feel comfortable interacting with new men online, indulging in romantic chitchats with them, and having a fun time. To avoid any boredom, loneliness, and feeling of leaving behind from this fast-moving world - these girls prefer to date people and limit their dating to the online mode itself. These girls are least likely to meet the Tinder people on an offline basis for face-to-face dates. 

  1. Excitement, Thrill & Orgasm

According to one of the studies conducted by Sumter et Al, most of the females used Tinder because it created a sort of excitement among them. The risk of such an attitude and intention towards using Tinder led to more offline meetings. These offline meetings were nothing but one-night stands to embrace the feeling of orgasm and nothing more. Looking from a wide picture, it can lead to unsafe sexual intercourse and unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. Men are least going to affect but these women are opening a door of destruction for themselves. 

How to know if a girl is looking for a serious relationship on Tinder? 

Gestures speak a lot! Yes. If you want to understand the fact that if a girl on Tinder is just for a casual hookup or is looking for a serious decent relationship, then the following pointers can help you determine the same -

  • See the flow of conversation with her. If she is least interested in your interests and is more focussed on the money in your pocket or bank account, and your looks then she is just here for a time pass and grabbing your hard-earned money. Bios are extremely important. If a girl is genuinely looking for a special someone, she will put effort into writing a lot about her dream partner and hobbies, the kind of personality she is in her bio. On the other hand, if she is just for a hookup, she will be least bothered to fill her bio in detail which indeed is an open innovation to the fuckboys. 

  • Check up the match of energy! If a girl is really into you and is serious about the relationship, then she will put in the same energy and effort as you! For example, if the last date was planned by you, then she will make efforts to plan for the next date. Even the time she takes to text back & the kind of texts she shares with you will tell you enough about her. 

  • A real woman doesn't play around! If she is serious, she will put pictures in her tinder that are decent enough to notice. These pictures would be depicting 70% of her personality. On the other hand, some girls put abstract pictures to look cool - it's enough evidence to make a judgment whether she is looking for a serious partnership. 

Key takeaways 

Making judgments that are gender-centric isn't a very good idea! Having said so, the majority of girls on Tinder, let us say, more than 70% are not looking for serious relationships. But, we can't ignore the remaining 30% as well who look for something serious out of normal dating. Ideally, you can set your preference and understand the basic checkpoints to determine if a girl on tinder is looking for just a hookup or something solid to build together in the future. 


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