Why Mental Health Matters?

Why Mental Health Matters?

Mental health problems are becoming more common than ever today. Every next person you meet is going through some of the other problems. Stress, failures, anger, anxiety, hopelessness are all a part of life and a result of our surroundings. If you are going through the same monotonous cycle of dissatisfaction and deep pain, then let me inform you - you ain't the one competing in this race all alone! We all are stuck in our lives in some manner. There is no shame to talk frankly and openly about your mental health dilemmas. The more aware and open you are about such issues, the more you can educate others on overcoming such scenarios. 

Why Mental Health Matters? ichhori.com

The article below is intended to create awareness regarding the subject of mental health and how it matters in our lives respectively. 

What do you mean by mental health? 

Mental health comprises three aspects - emotional, psychological, and social health. Mental health defines the way you are going to be thinking, perceiving, feeling, and acting in reality. Mental health decides your capability to handle stress, failures, and other traumatic events. According to which you make the life choices that impact you to the core. From your childhood to your last breath - The role of mental health is irreversible. With time, we experience many different things in life. Over this course of time - our mental health can treat us like a prop - & thus, we end up acting accordingly. Your major life events, family history, biological factors, and endings can severely affect your mental health. Protecting the mental health status in today's generation is vital than ever. 

Signs of mental health problems

  • Having violent thoughts of harming yourself and others
  • Deteriorating sleeping schedules
  • Feeling lack of energy always 
  • Worsening daily eating habits 
  • A sense of numbness in the body
  • Body aches, headaches, and other aches are becoming more common
  • Feeling heaviness in the body and not feeling like waking up from bed each day to start your daily activities 
  • Feeling inferior and mentally sick
  • Having unexplained waves of emotions going on inside you
  • Smoking, drinking, and taking the high dose of drugs 
  • Having high anger issues 
  • Feeling deeply left over 
  • Feeling completely hopeless and worthless
  • Losing interest easily in everything 
  • Daily mood swings without any identified reason
  • Difficulty in doing the daily tasks and set schedules

Mental Health Statistics

According to the National Institute of Mental Health Disorders, the following data was revealed related to the mental health issues - 

  • Maximum people who committed suicide from 2020 to 2021, were going through mental health disorders, depressive episodes, or substance abuse. 
  • Depression can happen at any age, but on average, it occurs in the mid-'20s. 
  • Data showed that women are twice as likely to undergo mental health illnesses in comparison to men. 
  • Almost 1 out of every 4th American teenager suffered from mental health clinically diagnosable issues. 
  • In the United States, having mental health problems is said to be the top reason for disability. 
  • Almost 60% of the people in the US suffered from several mental health problems all at once in a particular time interval. 
  • Almost 18% of the people between the age of 18 to 54 are forecasted to have anxiety disorders, a part of mental health problems each every year. 

Why Does Mental Health Matters to everybody? 

Mental health matters not only to you or me but to everybody. Life becomes difficult to enjoy without good mental health. You feel drained of energy, hopeless, and separated from reality. You will experience a sense of distance in life as if nothing is working out in your favor. You feel sick physically as well if you are sick mentally. There is no pleasure in life that you can celebrate fully if your mental health is suffering badly. The role our mental health plays in our lives respectively is unparalleled and is often so underrated. Having good mental health can help you find happiness in the smallest of activities you do daily. It can make you feel enthusiastic, delighted, and satisfied. Most importantly, with a balance in keeping good mental health, you start to stay more in the present moment. 

How to maintain positive mental health? 

You can follow the following ways to maintain a positive outlook towards life - 

  • Read spiritual books
  • Take breaks and outings at least twice a week
  • Keep up pertained with your companions, friends, and families
  • Do some part-time work/hobby that you enjoy doing
  • Do a small act of charity or kindness - it will make the core of you happy
  • Exercise daily and dance as much as you can - it will boost your mood
  • Take care of your sleeping schedules and eating habits 
  • If things start getting heavy for you, then immediately seek the professional help 

How does maintaining positive mental health help you? 

Is maintaining positive mental health important? Know that how it can benefit you - 

  • Gives you the strength to tackle the stress of life
  • You will be in the present moment and hence happier
  • You can add to the life of your community people and create a difference 
  • Understand your maximum capability and works the best using it
  • Increase your lifespan
  • Increase the productivity at the workplace
  • You can become a source of energy for others
  • Focus on your hobbies and other things that bring a smile to your face

Key Takeaways

Mental health is the entire play! If it's going on right, everything around you seems right. If it goes out of the track, things start falling in the outside world as well. Mental health matters to every individual. Without having it right, you can't expect things in your life to go the right way. All we can advise is to keep special care of your mental health and get treated if you face any sort of mental health constraints. I repeat, there is no shame in it. We all go through struggles and all are the same in this race. 



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