Will dating app love end up in divorce?



According to research, getting a partner from a dating app and ending up marrying the same person, might end up in divorce. Study highlights that love interests grown from dating apps might not last longer. Dating apps have become the modern way to meet a life partner, but they may not deliver the happily-ever-after that they promise. According to research, finding love online is more likely to result in divorce. When compared to meeting a spouse in a more traditional way, researchers at Savanta ComRes discovered that it came with a higher risk of an early separation.

Couples who met romantically through a dating app were six times more likely to divorce within the first three years of marriage, according to the data. Those who were brought together by friends, family, or neighbours, on the other hand, had a higher success rate.

The study included 2,027 married adults over the age of 30, and found no difference between those who met on dating apps like Tinder, which are commonly perceived as being more for short-term flings, and those who met through relationship-focused apps like eharmony.

It was commissioned by the charity Marriage Foundation, which claimed that those who meet online "lack sufficient social capital or close support networks around them to deal with all the challenges they face when compared to those who met through friends, family, or neighbours," according to the study.

"Couples [who met online] marry as relative strangers," said Harry Benson, research director of the Marriage Foundation. According to YouGov, nearly a quarter of Britons met their current or most recent other-half at work last year.

Meanwhile, 18% were connected through mutual friends, and 15% were introduced while "out and about." In addition, 5% met through a common interest, and 6% met during their university or higher education years. Unfortunately, speed dating isn't the most reliable means of meeting people, with less than 1% of couples meeting this way.

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