How to respond to - are you a virgin?

 Are you a virgin? How to respond to this?

Are you a virgin? How to respond to this?_

So a person asked are you a virgin? Some guys are just too nosy and rude, right? I assume tons of women don't want to be asked the question, “ Are you a virgin?”. It might be that male friend who could also be wondering about your sexual status or that dumb man you went on an eyeless first date with. Nearly every man has some uncommon audacity to ask girls this question.

Sex is a private choice and what you select to try to do together with your body is solely your business. you will be happening dates with a replacement person, and he might want to understand but you ought to not answer if you are doing not want to. This also goes for your buddies both girls and boys.

Some could also be asking out of interest, others could also be doing it out of bare curiosity. Either way, it is hooked into things and who is involved.

You are under no obligation to respond and tell how sexually active you are. Whether you are or not, because for what reasons, would guys ask such a question? No girl should be shy that she may be a virgin, whatever age it is, she has attained. No woman should be subordinated to judgment due to what she does together with her body but some men feel to not get the memo.

Also, this question can convince be a challenge because why would a person want to understand what I would like to try to do together with his body? Why would a person deign so low to inquire from me this question? So, as girls, these are enough reasons to equip ourselves with smart answers whenever this question creeps in.

Let me assist you with some ways to respond if a person asks are you a virgin? 

1. Are You In An Occult?

In history, it had been commonplace to listen to the news of youthful recruits being offered during an occult procession. Perhaps you are being sarcastic or just searching for yourself, but any man who gets asked this question “ Are you in an occult?” back to the “ Are you a virgin?” question will need to do some double-take and reevaluate his question. He will probably ask you “ Why would you inquire from me that?”.

Well, you can respond with with “ Why would you inquire from me that too?”. And if he is too dumb to know the communication you are trying to shoot through, and would still want to understand, just tell him that you simply are not able to immolate your blood to Satan. you are too youthful a woman to die which you plan to form it to heaven. that ought to be enough to urge him to vary the topic.

2. Are you furthermore may A Virgin?

Another way you will also answer this question is by asking him an equivalent question. Occasionally, when guys ask are you a virgin, it is going to be because they need to possess sex with you and need to understand what to anticipate. Some guys will readily answer, but how you pose the question will determine whether you have got an interest in their “ retired” offer or not.

Some guys ask this question too because they need to play foul. Some just ask this question to possess some dirt on you. Art, they assert mirrors reality, so I am reminded of the large screen where Mary girl is mocked by utmost people because she trusted one silly boy an excessive amount.

3. Tell Him the reality 

There comes a time in every relationship where your wife would wish to understand whether you are or are sexually active or not. Because you have got known this man enough to like, trust and have a relationship with him, you need to tell him the verity.

Indeed during a relationship, some people wish to remain recruits to save lots of themselves for marriage, so a time will surely be available your relationship where you're getting to mention it.

Or if it is a male friend you trust to stay it a secret, well fire down! It could even be that you simply have gone on a few dates with this man, and in your opinion, he is Mr. Right. Also, it is fine to let him thereon a secret about yourself.

Utmost partnerships bear active sexual conditioning to be sustainable and thrive. Still, if it is your particular option to still practice abstinence till you two marry, also your beau need to admire your decision. But, if he feels he can not accept that call, you would get to decide if the connection is worthwhile or not.

4. As you will see, I am Pregnant With Twins, So Guess

 Another tricky way to respond is to inform him you are pregnant with twins, so he should guess. Now this answer is sure to leave the person in confusion because he could also be asking himself, “ Is she pregnant? because she does not look so” or “ Is she intruding around with me?”

Enjoy that brief moment of confusion on his face as he tries to decrypt what it is each about.

I guess affront makes it easier and fun to answer also.

5. Ignore The Question

When a person asks-  are you a virgin, you will observe the courtesy rule that says if you have got nothing nice to mention, also say nothing in the least. Indeed though it had been not nice of the person to ask you that question, occasionally, you have got no control over the shallow-mindedness of some people.

So, to be polite and treat him with respect, you can respond by ignoring the question and keep playing deaf and dumb till he lets go of the entire virgin discussion. The funny thing is he might still see you as rude.

6. Nothing Is A abecedarian, Life Screwed Us Up 

A ridiculous and comical way to respond to this question would be by saying that life screws us up constantly. I am sure the man may have been screwed up during his continuance severally, and it is a commodity he can relate to. So it may produce a good laugh and you two can move on from that discussion, especially if it is the first date. 

7. It Depends, I lately Started Believing In Mary, Jesus’ Mother 

This response is so crude! But so is inquiring - are you a virgin. Anyone who has visited Sunday academy knows that indeed though Mary was an abecedarian, she got pregnant. 

This response is simply saying I could be an abecedarian. But again I could not. Also, reply with ‘’ I mean, look at the mama of Jesus, and since I started believing in her, she might just advance me her grace to be an abecedarian or not. She was a woman and so am i. ’’ If the dude does not get the memo, well, is not that too bad? 

8. It Is Largely Classified 

With a serious face, after he asks you if you are an abecedarian, tell him that it is classified, and he still keeps persisting, you will have to kill him. This will produce a response that will let him know that he has ventured into the defended home.  

9. It Depends On The Country We Are In 

Guys like asking if you are an abecedarian then is another way to confound their minds. Tell them that it depends on the country we’re in. Virginia is a state in the United States of America, so judging from its name, it could be a place for recruits. Laughable right? Maybe, that should educate guys not to indulge girls in a similar discussion. It should not indeed be in their minds in the first place. 

10. Nope! I Am A Scorpion 

Nearly everyone is knowledgeable with horoscopes, some guys inclusive. The horoscope, Virgo is known to be associated with a virgin. So, correct them and  any respond with other horoscope sign but virgin to depict how obnoxious their question is. 

11. Let Me Know When You Done Sleeping With Me 

Girls need to be veritably assertive when replying to this question. They could reply by saying the guys asking the question can know about their sex life after they’re done having sex with them. While this is an honest answer to such a repulsive question, the girl may have formerly been turned off by the question. 

No mature man would shoot girls on a couple of dates just to ask her that. It should just tell you what is passing in the man’s mind, and what he thinks about recruits and women with an active sex pattern. He might sound captious if he gets to know. 


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