Is Gleeden Dating App legal in India?

Not to persuade cheating, Gleeden is a dating app for married people. The app factually says extramarital affairs and is for those interested enough to try it and courageous enough to hope they don’t find their spouse on it too!

Gleeden is a French online dating community and social networking service mainly marketed to women, particularly those already in a relationship. In 2009, the site commenced in France. More than 65% of users stay in the European Union. The company (gleeden dating app) gives out a secure dating service open to all genders and practitioners of all lifestyles.

Gleeden's membership service is free of charge for women to utilize. The given name of the site is a portmanteau of “Glee” and “Eden” (relating to the biblical “Garden of Eden”).

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Gleeden’s business model depends on a system of credits rather than monthly subscriptions as opposed to EHarmony or Meetic. A gleeden subscriber can buy credit packs to converse with other members. Members pay a one-time fee of 2-3 credits to contribute in an email or chat conversation with another member. Any follow-up messages on the gleeden app in a thread are free of charge. Private messages, chats, and credit packs do not end. The average subscriber has £40 (US$44) value of credits in his or her account at any specified time. Gleeden app Members get in touch with each other through the chat or private messages. Members can send each other virtual gifts, which are arranged by category and price. Although the moderation rule can be strict Gleeden members can keep confidential photos in a separate photo album or “private book which can be viewed with the authorization of the member who owns the album on the Gleeden app.

Gleeden’s community is unlocked to adults of all relationship statuses (married, separated, divorced, cohabitation, single) and sexual orientations (heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual). Gleeden is mainly marketed to married men and women.

Gleeden claims to temperate its members greatly to make sure that all members on the site are genuine. The area, in addition, encourages a strict privacy policy. Gleeden forbids offensiveness, nakedness, and euphemism. A reporting system is obtainable for members to report inappropriate activity. This is portrayed as a process of ensuring a “harassment-free” environment.

Gleeden, released in India in April 2017, reported 8 lakh subscribers in the country at last counting. It hit a bang in gleeden membership after the 2018 Supreme Court judgment that decriminalized infidelity and said the law was alongside the right to equality and life. The judgment was also seen as a move alongside patriarchy and gender variation. 

According to the survey report, the divorce rate in India is the minimum in the world at 1%, where only 13 divides of every 1,000 couples. Families still arrange 90% of Indian marriages, and only 5% marry for love.

Infidelity has always been a challenging topic in India, both lawfully and morally. But the rules have frequently been diverse for men and women. Until recently, men in India could accuse other men of having an affair with their wives and could also be charged for wise. Over two years after the decriminalization of infidelity, women seem to be closing the so-called “betrayal gap" with men. A recent survey has found that numerous more and more women in India were chosen for extramarital relationships and that most of them were mothers who chose to use the gleeden app.

The study was commissioned by the French extramarital dating app ‘Gleeden,’ an app created for women by women and providing women, particularly ones in a present relationship or marriage, a safe and cautious space to look for love, sex, support, or friendship. The Gleeden app presently has 13 lakh users in India.

The survey, which appears to imitate the attitudes of urban, educated, and economically independent women in the age group of 30-60 across India, discovered that 48 percent of Indian women who were indulged in extramarital affairs were not just married but had children too.

The discoveries of the survey, as per The New Indian Express newspaper, imply that 64% of the surveyed women who engaged in extramarital relationships did so because of deficiency of sexual intimacy or pleasing sex life with their married partners.

According to a recent survey by the extramarital dating app, Gleeden discovered that many Indian women aged 30-60 had at least once been in an adulterous relationship.

Further, 49% of married people in India admitted to having had a close relationship with someone other than their spouse, while almost 5 out of 10 have already engaged in casual sex (47%) or one-night stands (46%). Indian women are the most outgoing towards infidelity--41% of them confessed to having had usual sexual intercourse with someone other than the spouse, besides 26% men. 53% of Indian married women declared having already had a close relationship outside their marriage, against 43% men.

Photos and texts that are false, indecent, or stimulating are automatically refused, fake profiles and unpleasant behavior is thoroughly investigated, and members can be banned from the Gleeden app site if they do not value the regulations.

In means of societal acceptance, many will not be comfortable with this app. Yet, mindsets are varying, and many people feel bound to follow lifestyles that permit them to be happy, even if it means meeting someone extraordinary using an extramarital dating app just like Gleeden dating app.

 A woman in her mid-30s in Bengaluru wedded for a decade. Mother of one. A mid-level professional, whom you would usually label as one leading the ideal life.

  She was done fitting in with the label of what society demands of women. Be a fine wife. Be an excellent mother. A careful professional who engages just the right amount of time in office so that you are not blamed for negotiating on your family life. In the end, you don’t get your due at any of the several jobs you do.

She determined to break out of the box life that put her in. She desired more. At least in her personal life, she felt the most disappointment, where she was not an equivalent opportunity player. She had been exploring Gleeden, a dating app for married people. Like everyone else who has been married for long and exchanged the relation for the anxiety of domesticity, she was inquisitive. And she required the validation that she still had some chops left in her for bright and funny conversations that she wished for.

 She took the plunge. She generated a false account on Gleeden and logged in. While a lot has been told about modern-day dating apps, where women frequently blame men for only wanting to jump into bed with them, one of the primary things she realized was that sex was not the only thing on proffer. It was merely one of the things. Of course, there was the infrequent, “What’s your size” type of message, but most men on the app were feeling dissatisfied or lonesome in their marriages. 

On Gleeden, you will discover:

 - a safe and confined environment to assemble thousands of members near you.

-The strictest restraint on the market, active and cautious 24/7, keeps a high-quality community made of only 100% genuine people.

- Innovative features to defend your anonymity.

According to one review, "Looks very promising as you have to give out 30-40 bucks each time you have to begin chat so time passers stay away."

 Image Source: Gleeden App

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