hat An Expert Advice on Summer Dating


What An Expert Advice on Summer Dating?

In a recent Bumble survey, more than one-third of participants in the United States said they were more willing to consider dating someone from a different city. Recently, Shan Boodram, a Sex & Relationships Expert at Bumble, took part in a national satellite media tour to share her best recommendations on how to improve your dating profile and find dates this summer.

With holidays and weddings in full swing, travel is anticipated to be at an all-time high, making now the ideal time for a summer romance in a new city or nation. You can use dating apps like Bumble, a women-only social networking and dating platform, to locate new people you might be interested in or, at the absolute least, to make some new acquaintances.

According to Shan Boodram, Bumble's Sex and Relationships Expert, "We're happy to see all of the connections that will be established this summer, both overseas and at home, especially as we're seeing a natural progression and eagerness for people to meet in person again." Although dating while travelling can just be a fun summer fling, more than one-third of U.S. respondents to a recent survey said they were more willing to explore a relationship with someone who resides in a different city, so we urge you to go out there no matter where you are!

Just in time for a summer of fun—and perhaps even love—here is some advice on dating while travelling.

1. Prepare in advance to save time: 

If you want to get the most out of your dating experience, use dating app features that could give you a sneak preview of who you might connect with - before your trip. In Bumble's trip mode, for instance, you can switch to a different location in advance and look for local connections.

2. Be open-minded: 

Apply the same mentality while meeting new people while travelling, just as you might be more willing to try something new when you're on vacation. Don't write off someone you meet just because they aren't your type. Try to adopt an adventurous mindset and be open to encountering new people.

3. Update your bio: 

Updating your dating app bio can be a useful strategy to attract the people and experiences you're looking for each time you visit a new city or region. This can include the languages you are fluent in, the length of your stay, and even a query about the top local hangout in the area. It's simple to initiate a conversation by concluding with a query or a point on your trip schedule. Keep in mind that you can adjust your radius to see folks who are between one and fifty miles away from you as well!

4. Do a video call before meeting:

Many websites that match people up for dates offer safe and secure methods of communication. As a result, singles worldwide are coming up with inventive ways to get to know one another better before going out. Bumble offers in-app audio and video calling so that you may communicate with your date without giving up any private information like your phone number or email address. This can also be used to determine whether your new match is someone you want to hang out with while on vacation.

5. Schedule a date as soon as you can:

You don't always have the luxury of having the time to gradually forge a connection when you're travelling. Don't be afraid to offer the first date or politely follow up on a chat once you've connected with someone you're interested in and feel secure and at ease meeting them in person. Don't be reluctant to include this person in your current plans either! You'd be shocked at how many people haven't been tourists in their own town, but people love to enjoy their own city.

6.Take initiative when deciding where to go: 

A simple but effective approach to feel safe when dating overseas is to be in control of the location of your dates. Choose a location for your first date that is open to the public and offers a daytime meeting time. If you are travelling with friends, ask them to join the trip and invite their friends as well.

Give a trusted contact, such as your rental home host, the hotel concierge, or a friend, a heads-up before heading out and meeting someone new. Set a time to text or check in with them periodically. It's vital to trust your instincts and put yourself first, so if you feel uncomfortable at any moment throughout the date and decide it's not for you, prepare a natural exit strategy for yourself. Always feel as though you can ask a bartender or server for assistance if necessary, and make sure you are also aware of the local emergency phone numbers.

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