12 Individuals Share Their Best Tinder Date Tales That Give Us All Hope


12 Individuals Share Their Best Tinder Date Tales That Give Us All Hope


We are all aware of how awful first dates can be, whether due to the incorrect companion or a disastrous setting. While using an online dating service to discover the perfect match can go wrong, it has also aided many people in finding the proper mate.

People share their best dating experiences in a series of threads, and it warms our hearts!

1. I had the finest first date of my life on a Tinder date. We visited a well-known museum and sipped wine in the rose garden. As we strolled, we chatted about the cool artwork and sights nearby. The art was what we both found most appealing. On the museum balcony, we enjoyed the sunset over the city skyline until they asked us to go because it was about to close. After that, we went out for supper and drinks at a pub, where we chatted for hours before returning to her house to watch TV. Additionally, the date lasted for almost 12 hours. Being introverts, it was quite uncommon for us to spend that much time together on a first date before we both needed some alone time. but didn't get married. Although we are no longer dating, we remain friends. -WarmFire

2. I downloaded Tinder since I needed a friend to show me around after moving to a new nation for business. I was 17 years old and she was 23. She drove an hour to see me after calling a taxi. We had a tacky date at an all-you-can-eat buffet. I couldn’t eat because I was so anxious. But we had a variety of conversations and watched movies. I fell in love with her right away. We moved in together a month later, and two months later, she became pregnant and we were married. In two weeks, we will be marking our second wedding anniversary. Now one year and seven months old, my daughter.   -Reddit sykes

3. "It was my very first official date. After my first year of college, I connected on Tinder with a charming jazz pianist. Before taking a spliff he brought with him for a walk in the park, we had a nice conversation over coffee. He was a terrific introduction to dating because up until that point, I had mostly just dealt with fuckboys. We went out a couple more times that summer before I returned to school." -KittyMinty

4. My first Tinder date was also the best date I've ever been on. We visited the aquarium, a baseball game, and a burger restaurant, and then returned to his house to watch "House." The date lasted all day. It was so simple to be together, and we just had so much fun doing everything. wedded him.-AwkwardFun13

5. I was scheduled to get a cup of coffee with my very first dating app date. When we realised it was time for dinner, we merely moved to the restaurant next door and continued to chat until 11 p.m. after having coffee and talking for hours. We went on our second date four days later, and we haven't broken up since. We've been sharing a home for nearly a year. -blacklabcoat

6. After chatting via text for a few weeks, we went on our first date. We spent the day picking up dogs and strolling them around town because she was a dog sitter. So many puppies did I meet! I still treasure the memories since it was so sweet. -Anonymous

7. "I went on my first date to a secondhand book store. We both looked through the aisles for intriguing items and chatted about some of what we found. After that, we went and got coffee and started talking about literature, which eventually lead to movies and music. We made the decision to take a walk beside a pond at one point. The bookshop served as a wonderful starting point for our conversation regarding shared interests and areas of agreement, which we continued throughout the rest of the evening. Of course, if one or the other doesn't enjoy reading, then it won't work." -lizzpop2003

8. The guy took me to a nature reserve, where we rented a boat and traveled downstream to another little park. The entire process took around two hours, after which we had dinner. Even though things didn't turn out, I'll always remember that. He made no attempt to kiss me. -heliogold

9. He arrived in a gleaming black car and a crisp white shirt. When I made a right turn against a no-right-turn sign, I was promptly stopped and given a penalty. Then, after getting lost along the route, he discovered a lake, where we lingered till daybreak. None of us even kissed. wedded him. -7097556EL3-93

10. We went for a walk on the beach after meeting up at a coffee shop. So wonderfully did it go? We went out to supper since we didn't want to part ways, and it evolved into an entire day. One of the finest aspects is that she shares my interests both inside and outside of the bedroom. I'm really grateful and delighted we connected. -Slawischof

11. A charming man from an hour distant paired with me. Before our encounter, we exchanged numerous messages for almost a week. He drove an hour for our first date, so we made loose plans for the entire evening, but separate events so we could leave if it didn't work out. After supper, we visited a casino, where he actually won some cash, and then went to see 50 Shades of Grey. It was an absolutely fantastic date. I immediately cancelled all upcoming dates when I arrived home. -opinionated-on-all

12. I had been using Tinder for about a month when this incredibly cute man started showing a lot of interest in me. When I get home from work, he stops by to view the blanket fort. I answer the door, and as soon as he enters, he gives me the nicest embrace I've ever received. I prepared spaghetti for dinner and set the table with candles as well. We then sat in the blanket fort and watched the movie, Amelie. We had sex on our first date, and here's the really shocking part: He stayed the night. He kissed me, and I was like, WHOAH. For him, I disregarded all my own rules, and I relished every moment of it. -needacoldshower

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