This summer, "Hop on Hop off" using Tinder


This summer, "Hop on Hop off" using Tinder


Young Tinder users boarded the renowned Tinder Visit - Match Your Vibe bus for the first time to explore fascinating dating locations in HCM City.

Members had the opportunity to see and experience the vibrant dating culture among young Saigonese people, in which enjoying street food, sightseeing, and taking fancy photos are an intrinsic part of their journey to making sparks fly. The Hop on, Hop off bus took the singletons throughout the most iconic hangout spots in HCM City, from the bustling Nguyn Hu Street, and dreamy Th Thiêm 2 bridge, to the nostalgic Turtle Lake and vibrant Central Post Office.

The tour is a metaphor for how users of Tinder Explore can hop on and off with a variety of interests to discover meaningful connections through a variety of distinct attractions.

Find the topic that particularly interests you, then investigate it. Members no longer solely swiping on the stack they had presented, according to Tinder APAC Communications Director Papri Dev.

Dating goes beyond just seeing someone's eyes for young adults. In a recent Tinder poll of young Vietnamese singles, 57% of respondents said that a possible match's similar interests were a key factor in their decision.

When it comes to dating, they look for appropriate individuals who share their hobbies (78%), cuisine preferences (70%), love of travel (63%), and interests in movies, music, and their preferred sports (55%). (46 percent).

According to Uyên Png, a Tinder user, "young people are logging on to Tinder these days to stay connected to the outside world, explore different points of view, learn what's new in the neighborhood, and seek inspiration for exciting dating ideas like kite-flying near Th Thiêm bridges or skateboarding on walking street Nguyn Hu."

Young people are inventive in the ways they share experiences to connect more deeply while moving from dating on a URL to dating in real life. In addition to standard coffee or movie dates, 40% of young Vietnamese daters enjoy trying out new brunch locations or restaurants with a date, while 22% select a music date.

One-fifth enjoys going on an active date that includes climbing, hiking, cycling, or going on a cultural outing to a gallery or museum.

When meeting new individuals, young daters cherish authenticity and honesty, but they can only do so when they feel safe and in control. Seventy percent of Vietnamese respondents to the survey rated safety as extremely important when they were dating online.

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