A Guide for Dating in Nepal


A Guide for Dating in Nepal


Valentine's Day has come and gone, but should lovers confine their displays of affection to just one day? We don't believe so. Valentine's Day, like it or not, has grown into a global holiday that isn't going away anytime soon, especially in Nepal. In the world of romance, the traditional approach of going on a date is quickly fading, and an internationally standardized dating method has emerged.

Nepalese people, like lovebirds everywhere else, have their own manner of dating or going on dates. It's a different debate whether the lovers preferred the traditional method or not, but that doesn't mean the previous method wasn't appealing. This work of literature is an attempt to reminisce about the ancient methods and their allure, but it is also a pseudo-instruction manual for any foreigners who want to date like the natives. Going local is, after all, a popular tourist trend.

Step 1: Select a Location

There are a plethora of places that are classified as dating hotspots. However, some localities are always more convenient or enticing than others, for reasons we may never comprehend as outsiders. So, let's try to figure out why people go to certain places to date. So, how about it?

Despite being a liberal island in a conservative corner of the world, Nepal has native romantic norms that may seem centuries-old to westerners, at least if you want to "date like a local." However, it's not as if Nepalese are incapable of comprehending modern rules. In the 1970s, hippies had already loosened us up.

So, here are the cultural reasons that explain why things are the way they are.

Foreigners may be perplexed by the labeling of sacred sites of worship as dating spots, but they are the most evident dating spots in this region of the world. Favorite temples have long been a popular place for couples to go on dates. It was really more popular for those looking for a date than for people going on dates. Women and girls are frequent visitors to places of religion, such as temples, monasteries, and churches, among others.

Furthermore, in a patriarchal society where men dominate many areas of women's lives, traveling to the temple has always been simple, convenient, and acceptable to their parents and families. As a result, choose a 'safe' area and be ready!

Pashupatinath Temple is not just a religious site, but also a hotspot for lovers.

If you're not sure where to go, here are some options for dating spots where you can do it like the natives. If you're in a pinch, Google may be able to help you locate the locations:

Patan's Kumbheshwor temple (more famously known as Bangalamukhi temple)

·       Chovar, Kirtipur

·       Pashupatinath temple

·       Taudaha

·       Nagdaha

·       The three Durbar squares (Patan, Bhaktapur, Basantapur)

·       Swayambhunath temple

·       Bouddhanath stupa

·       White gumba

·       Godawari Botanical garden

·       Sanga

·       Garden of dreams

Step 2: Get yourself a date first

We had forgotten. The purpose of a Valentine's Day date is to have a date. Please accept our apologies to all the loners, or should we say freedom lovers, out there. Getting a date is a time-consuming and costly procedure. As a result, starting at least a month before 'the day is recommended.

Step 3: Select a location inside a location

Nepal's sacred sites are on par with a fine dining establishment. There will be other couples around, so choose a safe area to date to avoid the awkward moment of exchanging eye contact with other people's spouses. The Nepalese couple chooses a secluded location and hopes that none of their family notices them conversing about Romeo and Juliet. Nepalese, ironically, enjoy a little privacy.

Step 4: The do’s and don'ts

There will be no public displays of affection! Please keep in mind that you are on a public website, mostly a religious one. Be aware of your surroundings, as romanticism in public is frowned upon in Nepalese society. Limit the coziness to your bedrooms if you don't want folks staring at you while you're having those beautiful exchanges of love. Allow the great talks to take control instead.

Stop right there if you're arguing that sensual engravings on public temple walls and pillars are incompatible with conservative views! Don't even consider it. Don't anger the gods.

Allow yourself to be carried away by profound chats and shoulder dashings. Discuss what they ate at breakfast/lunch, what you did the day before, and so on. Slowly get into the swing of things and loosen up whoever is the most reserved. You aren't doing it like the locals if you aren't shy!

Get some local cuisine to eat. Local junk food street sellers are a popular option. Some of the most popular snacks include chana chatpats (spicy chickpeas) and pani puris. Pick your favorite street food and you can ask romantically, “Hoe does your spicy chickpea taste.”

Step 5: Remember the time factor

Always keep in mind the time constraint if you truly want to do things like the natives. Let's take a look at this from the Nepalese perspective. You're in a park/temple with your partner (assume you are a girl). What will your parents say if you don't arrive home before dark? Answer: You were kidnapped, or you were in an accident, or worse, you were having passionate moments with your boyfriend. As a result, Nepalese women flee home to avoid having to answer any queries. There were no issues for the boys, as is the case in most Nepalese situations.

So, if you want to date like the Nepalese, make sure to terminate your love meeting before the sunsets.

Step 6: The post-date

Nepalese people do not usually leave their loved ones straight outside their front doors. Guys usually drop off the girls right before they reach the girls' familiar neighborhood. Nepalese parents are rarely aware that their sons and daughters are involved in a relationship, and if they are, they will face serious consequences. The guys contact the girls to make sure they're safe at home, and then continue the romantic chat with questions like, What did you eat for dinner?

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