Cost, Users, Features, and Success Rates of eharmony vs. OkCupid


Cost, Users, Features, and Success Rates of harmony vs. OkCupid


I'm a person who thrives on competition. I don't understand why I should do something if I'm not the best at it. Anything can become a competition for me, and I've even been known to race my family to complete a jigsaw puzzle. For me, good competition is simply enjoyable.

That's why I'm so excited to pit two large players in the online dating industry against each other and have one emerge victorious. There can only be one winner in the match between eharmony and OkCupid. Our dating specialists have compared these two dating systems based on ratings, cost, user base, features, and success.

eharmony vs. OkCupid: Overall Reviews

It should come as no surprise that eharmony and OkCupid have received a lot of positive feedback. They've been around for a long time, so they must be good at what they do, right? To summarise everything you need to know about what eharmony and OkCupid are doing so well, we've assembled the most credible reviews available. Which dating site is more popular among users and critics? Keep reading to find out.

Eharmony: 4.5 out of 5.0.

Eharmony is a dating site that has been on the market for quite some time. It's been around for close to two decades. Dr Neil Clark Warren, a clinical psychologist, founded the company that would become eharmony in 1995, and the website went live in August of 2000.

Why did it take such a long time? Because they were honing an intelligent algorithm-based matching system that relied on psychological concepts to foster long-term relationships.

As a serious dating service, eharmony is dedicated to facilitating marriages, not simply dates, and has been doing so for more than two decades. We offer eharmony a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating.

From its tried-and-true matching technology to its global user base, eharmony has distinguished itself from the competition by prioritising quality over quantity and never compromising on its aim to connect singles who are deeply compatible.

OkCupid: 4.4/5.0

In 2004, four self-described math nerds launched OkCupid. They intended to quantify human relationships, so they created a platform that asked a variety of personal, humorous, and strange questions, such as, Wouldn't nuclear war be fascinating in a certain light? Based on people's replies to questionnaires and behaviour on the site, OkCupid has honed online romance to science, down to the ideal sentences to use in a first message.

Because of its inexpensive, insightful, and effective UI, our dating experts gave OkCupid a great 4.4/5.0 rating. OkCupid has enabled millions of chats and amassed a mind-boggling quantity of data on romantic tendencies since its inception in 2004. It currently facilitates 91 million romantic connections each year.

Users of OkCupid are less enthusiastic about the dating site/app than we are. It has a 4.3 average rating on iTunes and a 4.1 average on Google Play, but "haters going to hate," as T-Swift puts it. The lack of quality in the comments they receive appears to be the most common complaint among one-star reviewers. Few people have complained about OkCupid's features or interface, so we'll give them a pass on that.

The Winner: eharmony By a Nose!

This is one we'll have to offer to eharmony. However, as our rating shows, it was a tight call. While OkCupid is user-friendly and entertaining, eharmony has the dependability that only years of consistent work and meticulous attention to detail can provide. Both dating services can help people find love, but eharmony has a stronger reputation among singles looking for genuine love.

eharmony vs. OkCupid: Price Comparison

Let's talk money for a moment. After all, one of the most essential elements in assessing whether or not a dating site or app is worth your time is the cost. In terms of pricing packages and paid services, how do eharmony and OkCupid compare? It's a really close match.

eharmony offers a completely free membership (standard plans begin at $17.95).

Signing up for eharmony is free, as is taking the site's world-famous questionnaire and searching for matches. This long-running online dating network is completely free to join. However, there is a catch.

You can look at your matches, and favourite profiles you like, and send a smile, but sending a message to another eharmony user will cost you a monthly fee. To exchange messages on eharmony, customers must upgrade to a regular or premium membership unless it's a Free Communication Weekend.

Viewing images, seeing who has favorited you, seeing profile views, and surfing incognito mode are all premium features. The cost of a paid membership varies based on how long you want to stay on the site. The longer you remain, the lower your monthly fee will be, thus the 12-month plan (priced at $17.95 per month for basic and $28.95 per month for premium) is the greatest long-term offer.

OkCupid: Free Communication With Some Add-On Features 

OkCupid has made a solemn promise to remain free indefinitely. Since its inception, the dating service has allowed singles to create profiles, send messages, and schedule dates without having to spend anything. Of course, the company has to generate money somehow, so it charges a monthly fee for A-List features (such as seeing who has liked and seen your profile). Premium A-List users pay a bit more to be noticed by the site's more attractive matches.

When I was in graduate school, I joined OkCupid because I was broke and thought I had nothing to lose (besides my privacy and sanity) by joining up. It costs nothing, so there's no reason not to create a profile and explore what date options are available. If you don't like it, you can always erase your OkC profile and invest in a premium dating site or app instead.

OkCupid, with its Forever Free Pledge, is the winner.

It's impossible to beat free. OkCupid is the clear winner in this round. This was, to be honest, a bit of a freebie. OkCupid is one of the few dating sites that does not charge its users to communicate, making it a popular choice among frugal daters.

Of course, eharmony can argue that its extensive matching method is worth the money, but we'll get to that in a while.

eharmony vs. OkCupid: A Comparison of User Bases

The next match-up is between the user bases of these two online dating behemoths. eharmony and OkCupid are trusted by millions of singles all over the world. This will be a nail-biter because both networks have great stats to their names.

eharmony Has 33M with Straight orientation Users in 195 Countries

Over 33 million men and women have signed up for eharmony since its launch in the hopes of finding their soul mate. Previously, the dating service was solely open to straight individuals, but it is now open to gay and lesbian singles as well. Compatible Partners, a sister site that uses the same match technology to facilitate same-sex relationships, was also launched by the company.

eharmony has members in every state in the United States, as well as 195 countries throughout the world, according to internal figures. As its global reputation grows, it will undoubtedly broaden its reach and assist millions more people in finding love.

OkCupid Attracts 55 Million Monthly Visitors of All Sexual Persuasions

OkCupid is a dating site that welcomes people of all shapes and sizes. This dating service includes 13 orientation options and 22 gender options for users to pick from, regardless of whether they are straight, gay, lesbian, bi, queer, asexual, or somewhere else on the spectrum. This dating site has a varied user base, with around 55 million monthly visitors who identify in a variety of ways.

Other astounding figures include the fact that OkCupid members send and receive over 7.3 messages every day on the site and app. The software, by the way, is downloaded by over 1 million new members every week and facilitates 50,000 dates per week. OkCupid has you covered if you're seeking sheer volume.

The Winner: It’s a Tie!

More people aren’t always a good thing when it comes to dating. While OkCupid is more inclusive and widespread, eharmony is more targeted, which means that commitment-minded straight individuals will likely have a better experience on eharmony than on OkCupid. eharmony has built a reputation over the years based on the quality of its members and the effectiveness of its matching technology.

However, if you don’t know what you’re looking for and just want to meet a whole bunch of different people, OkCupid is going to hook you up.

eharmony vs. OkCupid: Match Features Comparison

Because online dating is essentially computer/smartphone matchmaking, it's critical to examine how these modern matchmakers pair users and facilitate interactions. While eharmony and OkCupid are comparable in this way, there is one significant distinction that distinguishes them.

eharmony’s 29-Dimension Quiz Determines Matches

If you've heard of eharmony, you're probably aware that its claim to fame is its proprietary match algorithm, which employs psychological principles to discover people who are compatible. The technique is based on an 80-question Compatibility Quiz (down from 450) that asks singles to evaluate their beliefs, temperament, lifestyle, family objectives, and other essential characteristics. It will take you 15-20 minutes to finish.

In a comprehensive and detail-oriented quiz, eHarmony breaks down crucial components of your personality.

After creating an eharmony profile, users can select to take the Compatibility Quiz. They'll respond to questions like How would your friends characterise you? and How do you behave when you're upset?

After you've answered these questions honestly, the site suggests Matches and assigns a percentage of compatibility between two profiles based on emotional closeness, motivations, communication styles, agreeableness, IQ, and other essential personal characteristics. This makes it simple to see how you and a potential love interest are alike and different.

The main disadvantage is that the questionnaire necessitates some level of honesty and self-awareness. For example, someone who wishes to appear smarter, calmer, or more adventurous than they really are can skew the match percentage.

OkCupid uses hundreds of profile questions to determine compatibility.

OkCupid, like eharmony, uses a lengthy questionnaire to identify whether people are compatible with each other. OkCupid differs in that it only asks users to answer roughly 10 questions, with the rest being optional. Others spend hours putting up responses to question after question, while others stick to the fundamentals and go on to swiping and chatting. I've seen profiles with tens of thousands of questions answered. That's wonderful for the matching algorithm because additional data only helps OkCupid's matching algorithms better.

However, what determines compatibility can be a little strange at times. I'm not sure whether "do you enjoy the flavour of beer" is a deal-breaker in real life, but according to OkCupid's survey, liking the taste of beer correlates to sleeping with someone on a first date. Cupid, it's all right.

You can look over these questions on your own or look at a personality description to see how the person differs from the norm. Every profile you see in the search results or on DoubleTake has a compatibility percentage based on these questions and other profile information.

The Winner: OkCupid Provides Users More Search Tools

OkCupid appeals to us because it puts singles in control. Yes, it calculates compatibility and suggests matches, but it also includes powerful search capabilities so you can skip the questions and go straight to the results. You can't search for matches on eharmony by keyword, interests, or even compatibility. All you can do is select match criteria for age, geography, religion, and other basic information, and the dating site will pick where to direct your attention.

OkCupid not only offers the matches, but it also includes configurable search filters that will ensure that the intelligent dater finds the type of person they're looking for.

eharmony vs. OkCupid: Success Rate Comparison

Last but not least, if you want to assess a dating platform's effectiveness, you should look at its success rate. There are obvious reasons for this. Because eharmony and OkCupid have been around for so long, they've amassed a large number of glowing testimonials from couples who met online and fell in love as a result of their services.

Eharmony- 2 Million Long-Term Relationships

eharmony is brimming with success tales from couples who met on the dating site and fell in love despite living on opposite sides of the world.

Eharmony's formula for compatibility and love is a tribute to our success. — A married couple that met on eharmony, Jarod and Jody

It not only offers stories but also has statistics to back up its matching tools. According to a 2008 survey, eharmony is responsible for around 4.77 per cent of all marriages in the United States, from coast to coast. Couples who met on the dating site were 66.6 per cent less likely to divorce, according to follow-up research.

These positive statistics demonstrate eharmony's proven system's ability to build high-quality partnerships, which is why we've given it our mark of approval for relationship seekers.

Countless Relationships and OkBabies have resulted via OkCupid.

I'm not sure where to start counting the number of talks that OkCupid has facilitated over the years. On OkCupid, one Reddit user claimed to have started over 200 message threads in 500 days. So take that number and times it by 50 million to get an idea of how many words have been exchanged on OkCupid in less than two years.

You're not on a dating site to send hundreds of messages to complete strangers, after all. You've arrived to go on blind dates with complete strangers. And OkCupid has seen its fair share of it.

You can discover genuine, long-lasting love here if you are honest. Simply be yourself. Tobin and Jennifer, who met on OkCupid, are a couple.

You can read about its accomplishments on the company's website. Mutual matches, long-distance relationships, second chances, almost gave up, blinded by science, weddings, and OkBabies are all categories on the site.

Jessica, who met the love of her life on OkCupid in November 2011, stated, "We quickly realised we wanted to spend the rest of our days together (as cliché as it sounds)." We are as happy as can be seven months later. We now have our own home and are expecting our first kid. I'm so grateful that OkCupid helped me meet my best buddy!

The Winner: eharmony Has Left a Longer Impression on Love

While both services have plenty of heartfelt testimonials, eharmony has enough hard facts to persuade our experts that it is effective. This dating service is a long-term answer to your love difficulties, not just a short-term I-need-something-to-do-on-Saturday platform.

The eharmony team has successfully employed psychology to strengthen relationships and generate deep bonds, which is a remarkable achievement.

With its quality-first approach, eharmony outperforms the competition.

With its free features and wide user base, OkCupid put up a good fight, but in the end, we prefer eharmony's transparent psychology-based matching method to OkCupid's infinite rabbit hole of questions. This competition is won by eharmony. You know exactly what you're signing up for when you go into eharmony, and the interface walks you through the next steps so you never feel lost or overwhelmed.

You can see how your responses to specific match questions translate into eharmony compatibility ratings, and these scores give you confidence in the site's date suggestions. Despite the fact that eharmony is not free, its user-friendly features and expert knowledge base make it worthwhile to sign up. You can also send Icebreakers and Smiles to measure another person's interest and determine if upgrading is worth it to start a discussion.

Lori, who met Bruce on the dating site and married a year later, claimed that eharmony removed the worry out of dating. My personality type was accurate. When eharmony matched Bruce and me, it was a perfect fit.

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