What causes dementia?What does dementia do to a person?

What causes dementia?What does dementia do to a person?

 Dementia is a very critical health condition & is often seen in many people especially old aged above 80 to 85 years nowadays. It is a state of mind, where a person staves off his cognitive functioning. The sufferer finds it hard and tough to remember things, think out something, or even do reasoning. Dementia can start as a very mild stage problem where a person will only find very few signs and symptoms of having it.

It is pretty much easily diagnosed and can be treated properly on time. The mild care of dementia leads to only specific inefficiency in working. On the other hand, there lie some severe cases that are hard to treat with basic technology. In such a case, a person loses his 100% control and is subjected to being dependent on others for performing the basic tasks of day to day life. There are various remedial options for people with only mild to moderate symptoms of it. Whereas, people who are in the last stages of dementia have limited options for getting properly treated. 

In this article, you will learn about the causes of dementia & how it affects an individual. 

What causes dementia?

A person might go through multiple changes in his brain while suffering from dementia. So, the causes of Alzheimer's and dementia usually vary based on such changes. According to well known researchers, the causes of dementia are 70% to 80% linked with the sudden changes, cell connection breaking, and movements taking place inside your brain. Although none of them revealed that the underlying reasons behind it are unknown. Other studies also state that the other major reason behind dementia can be Rare genetic mutations. 

According to online and legit  research based studies, dementia is more prevalent among the old aged people above 80 years of age. Such studies reveal that ⅓ of people who are 85 years old have been a patient with some form of dementia. And, the recovery has been quite a difficult post getting it at such an age. So, we can say that with the growing age, your risk of developing the problem of dementia also increases by 50 times. Although, in contrast to this, there are no statements to support that dementia is a normal part of growing age.

It is so because there still exist many old aged individuals that are above 90 and have next to no signs and symptoms of dementia. So, ideally, this shows that people who live under a healthy lifestyle and environmental conditions since their childhood are less likely to get dementia as they grow older. Moreover, people with poor lifestyles and an unbalanced diet are more prone to developing dementia as they grow up. 

Anyways, this is not acceptable for most cases because this problem is found only in a lesser number of cases for old age groups and is restricted to them only. In the modern world, we are still lagging getting clarity from the researchers on other possible causes of dementia. But, in upcoming times, it will be cleared. Although, every experienced person has suggested maintaining a healthy lifestyle to ameliorate the risk factors of having dementia. There is no proven method in general to prevent this illness but yes with a good lifestyle, you can surely safeguard yourself from developing it. 

What does dementia do to a person?

Dementia makes a person lose his consciousness and ability to remember, think, and do critical analysis. It affects a person to a deeper level where it gets difficult for that person to perform and accomplish basic daily tasks. You might feel that a dementia person is dumb, disrespectful, and is filled with attitude. That is not the case at all. A person suffering from the dementia illness himself doesn't know what he is saying, thinking, or acting.

He loses control over his mind & so, he starts to function abnormally.  Dementia in most cases leads to a completely changed personality and it gets obvious for other people to notice such changes. Most of the folks suffering from it find it difficult to handle, control or manage their emotions. Initially, a person only loses the track of performing efficiently. When nerve cells or healthy neurons die once they experience the disconnect from the brain cells. 

Dementia leaves a person dead in the living body. You will be alive, but won't be able to do things like a normal person. The worst part is that it takes away your basic understanding and communication skills from you. It gets hard to comprehend others. You tend to suffer from turmoil, memory loss, and poor judgment.

The complications arrive in speaking, listening, and delivering your viewpoints. Most of the time, you will feel lost in the crowd as if this place & people are unknown to you. You will ask others to repeat themselves and start to recognize things by using unusual words. In severe cases, you might also experience paranoia, Hallucinations, and delusions. Dementia also makes you extremely impulsive and aggressive at certain times. 

Key Takeaways

Dementia is not something to be ignored. If you leave it untreated with time, it can get worse and a person can 100% lose his brain functioning. As soon as you find your loved ones facing such problems, take them to the nearby doctor immediately. Anything ranging from changed behavior, thinking or movement in a person needs special attention without any delay or ignorance.

The doctor or nearby clinic specialist will deeply diagnose the problem & suggest protective measures to overcome it. Doctors will use brain scanning, genetic test, Cognitive and neurological tests, blood tests, and Psychiatric evaluations to deeply analyze your problem. In case you don't know who to visit or approach for treatment, then search online for the nearby neuropsychologists, Geriatric psychiatrists, and geriatricians. These health care specialists are also well known to treat dementia. Don't delay the process as your case can get fully worse if not treated on time. 



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