Five Dating Tips for Marriage


Five Dating Tips for Marriage


Women share the dating wisdom they've acquired through many trying years.

Ricki found her husband at the age of 37 following a broken engagement, a significant change in lifestyle and approach to dating, and numerous plane rides; Sarah didn't know how she'd find her husband, coming from a traditional background while pursuing a career as a doctor. Talia* had been dating since she was 20 years old and had finally found her husband at 45. These women shared their years of difficult dating in an honest, open discussion and gave helpful advice. Following are their top five takeaways.

1. Focus on Yourself!

Being single is a wonderful opportunity to develop personally. Work on being the best you can be rather than being destructively self-centered. Sarah acknowledges how much she had to change during her eight years of courtship before marriage in order to make a mature choice for her spouse. "Life is all about bettering oneself, I came to understand. Your destined partner will be better as long as you put more effort into improving yourself."

Similar to this, Ricki quips, "Instead of asking, "Hey, where's my husband?" Send him my way. Nothing is promised in life, which is true effort."

Many people believe that being married assures one's place in society, but single people should never underestimate their value as individuals. Talia refused to let herself feel depressed over the course of their 25-year relationship. Instead, she focused on giving back to her family and community while advancing her therapy career. "Recognize your significance in society. Recognize that being single is not your fault, that you truly desire marriage, and that marriage is something you deserve." Feel good about your contributions to society, your self-worth, and your suitability for marriage. Positive thinking is a social creature.

2. Look past the idealized notion of love at first sight

When they meet the proper person, ladies frequently have the mistaken belief that they should experience butterflies, but this is not the case, according to Ricki. "Real feelings might develop when you first simply like someone before learning more about their personality."

Spend some time getting to know the person's inner personality rather than concentrating just on the attractiveness component. When we date, we have a lot of preconceived expectations, Talia says. "It would be simpler for older singles if they didn't place such a strong focus on what they view as significant. such as whether he is taller, shorter, heavier, thinner, attractive, or less attractive. All of those things don't matter at all."

It is essential to be prepared for marriage and to make a decision to make it work. As long as you have open communication about your future plans and share the same goals, Talia continues, "You could marry virtually anyone."

Be open and don't have a long list of requirements, advises Ricki. Though neither of these possibilities matched her interests in the slightest, she nevertheless chose to wed a guy of foreign nationality and relocate to his hometown. Because there is eventually a higher plan and it doesn't involve things like "he should be this tall, have this degree, or possess this or that," most females don't marry men who meet their original list of requirements.

When it comes to choosing a life partner, which is such a significant task, good assistance is essential. The dating world is not always a pleasant one, whether it be because of singles events, matchmakers, or friends who are only trying to help.

Talia, for instance, advises against speaking with other singles and promotes using a coach or go-between who is an impartial third party. "Many older individuals develop a sour and depressed attitude, which is noticeable when you inquire about a guy. Having a mentor who can advise you on dating is really helpful. This person should be someone you can meet and speak with on how to progress a relationship."

According to Sarah, "I had the most success with my friends who cared about me and were trying to watch out for me." They understood that I required a highly intelligent and empathetic person.

4. Make Yourself Wider

Be alert with your ears and eyes. Even if a date doesn't go as planned, it might be an opportunity to show a buddy an incredible gesture of compassion.

Dating, according to Ricki, is a wonderful opportunity to consider other ladies who might be compatible with the man who wasn't suited for you. "Thank your lucky stars that you got to go on a date, and then consider who you might know who might be a good match for this individual. Do something kind for someone else." When we show compassion to others, it frequently returns to us in much greater measure.

5. Continue to pray and don't give up

One can only imagine the vast reservoirs of faith Talia had to draw from after 25 years of courting. She claims that "deep faith can get you through anything." "You have to truly, sincerely, wholeheartedly believe."

Work on maintaining a pleasant attitude and being grateful for the numerous blessings in your life as well. Even if it is really challenging for us, we must understand that this is our test, adds Ricki. "That is not their test for those females who get married soon."

Speak to the Almighty in whatever language you are most comfortable using, and express your faith that He can assist you.

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