Long-term Relationship Dating and Social Networking App for Singles


Long-term Relationship Dating and Social Networking App for Singles


Lindi Tardif, Founder, and chief executive officer of long-term Relationship Connect (LTR connect), declared the launch of a replacement qualitative analysis and social media app, LTR, today. The app, which can initio be offered within the U.S. for free, is meant for serious singles who are searching for their life partners.

LTR is concentrated on serving a distinct segment market of parents who share a similar mentality – that finding a long-term relationship is very important. Tardif, a global tax professional person with respectable expertise in a massive technical school, is devoted to serving singles notice love. Her expertise in online dating and technical school makes her the proper person to make this distinctive dating expertise.

I became single six years agone when being married to my ex, whom I met online in 2001 once I was still living in Johannesburg once I re-entered the web dating scene, I found – abundant to my surprise – it had modified quite dramatically, Tardif aforementioned. When I started online dating in 2001, there was this implicit assumption that all online daters were searching for a partner for the future, however, once I got in into it, I found that was now not essentially the case.

Tardif was able to adjoin her data and knowledge operating with digital businesses to make a socially interactive, dynamic, authentic, and aesthetically pleasing platform that connects singles searching for a heavy relationship.

LTRc is poised to revolutionize the method individuals connect online. Not like alternative apps that solely modify users to line up a static profile with simply a number of lines regarding themselves and a few pics, on LTRc, members are sceptered to make dynamic profiles through the activity update tool. This tool allows members to share updates regarding their interests, activities, values, and personalities with others, who will then discuss those updates. this enables deeper levels of engagement to require placed between users before they move their connections offline. As a result, LTRc is making an additional important, real, and enriching online dating expertise that ought to result in additional lasting relationships.

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