how to maintain spark in online dating?

How to maintain spark in online dating?

 Playing cupid is one of my favorite games, as the days are changing, human cupids are replaced by dating applications. Love letters are replaced by messages, eye contact is replaced by emojis, and human touch is replaced by stickers and gifs. Everything has changed over the decades; so is the game of dating. Literally, everything is virtual; your soulmate might just be wandering around the dating apps in search of the one. Online dating has its own perks- Ladies you can greet and meet a man with oiled hair, you can be on your first date without shaving your legs; but the first date always gives jitters even if it is virtual. 

As much as it sounds intriguing, how to maintain the spark? In the days of right swipe, how can you be sure that he/she is the right one? How to steer the boat with just messages, emojis, gifs, and pictures?The first few days of the interaction would be interesting as it is a new connection. You spend a lot of time knowing each other and getting used. What next? 

While you are online you come across hundreds of profiles, but the intent may not be the same for all of them. Make sure you are burning your energy on the right person. 

Here are a few suggestions to keep the connection intact. 

  1. Rule 101 never reveal everything in the very first conversation, reveal the secrets slowly to keep it interesting. 

  1. Play Online games; instead of just chatting and talking just have a little fun. 

  1. Communicate on a daily basis; yet maintain distance so that you have new things to talk about. Don’t feel the pressure of keeping in touch for 24 hours, keep a window of 30 minutes or 45 minutes. Start the conversation only when you can give your full attention to the other person, to make the other person feel important. 

  1. Loved one is always an eye candy to the sore eyes. Schedule online dates- candle light dinner or coffee dates  over video calls. 

  1. Talk about your interests like movies, books, places, take some fun quizzes and discuss the results. Take time to know each other really well. 

  1. Don’t just stick the conversation to the dating apps, follow each other in social media to know what’s happening in each other's lives.

  1. Learn each other’s schedules and communicate accordingly. Never keep the other person waiting for a reply. 

  1. Create intimacy through sharing pictures and video calls. See each other at least once in a week. Give time for each other and listen to each other. 

  1. A random and surprising text from the loved one always brings a smile to your face. Send small notes to cheer them up. 

  1. Do things together, when you are on video call or when you're talking like cooking, listening to songs, going on a walk, read a book together or read your favorite poem, watch a movie, 

  1. To keep up the heat in the conversation, share some naughty pictures. Be careful when you share such pictures online, hide your face to keep the pictures unidentified. Keep things slow. 

  1. Plan an in person meets , Hugs over gifs !!! 

  1. Set relationship goals, discuss the future of these conversations. 

Internet and virtual dating is a very vulnerable space, so always be conscious and mindful about your actions. The key to keep the spark and to keep the conversations on the rail is to take space and give space. Do many things separately and some things together, so that you always have something to talk about. Always watch out for red flags and be aware of traps. If the relationship is turning out to be toxic and one-sided talk about it or make sure you remove your traces. 

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