Five Sex Myths About Pregnancy That You Need to Stop Believing Immediately


Five Sex Myths About Pregnancy That You Need to Stop Believing Immediately

There are numerous pregnancy-related sex myths that are frequently accepted as real.

The lack of sex education in the nation and the ease of communication allowed for the rapid and widespread spread of erroneous information about sex. Because of this, sex myths are something that everyone has heard.

These myths, particularly the ones about pregnancy, can be very harmful. We dispel some of the most widespread myths about sex in this post.

MYTH 1: Pregnancy Can Be Prevented Using Contraception Totally

Condoms and other forms of birth control that require a prescription cannot totally prevent pregnancy. This implies that pregnancy is still possible even when birth control is properly used. Every method of birth control has some degree of failure rate. However, 98% of pregnancies can be avoided with the use of condoms.

MYTH 2: Post-Sex Urine Can Help Prevent Pregnancy

Peeing won't stop pregnancy if any sperm has reached the vagina. Additionally, this won't protect one from STIs. But since urinating before and after intercourse dramatically reduces the risk of UTI by clearing the dangerous germs from the urethra, it is advised.

MYTH 3: Pregnancy Can Be Prevented by Having Sex in A Specific Position

Many people believe that having sex in a specific position can prevent sex. Many people also believe that placing oneself in a particular way after having sex can prevent becoming pregnant. All of these statements are untrue. As long as sperm reach the vagina, you have a chance of getting pregnant, and there is no evidence that a particular sex position increases the risk of conception.

MYTH 4: The withdrawal technique can stop pregnancies

The pulling-out technique does not guarantee that a woman cannot become pregnant. Pre-ejaculation can result in pregnancy because all it takes is one small sperm.

Myth 5: Menstruation Prevents Pregnancy

While it is true that there is a low possibility of becoming pregnant during a period, it is still possible. So, it makes sense to use a condom.

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