What are the 12 Tinder Icons and Tinder Symbols?

                 What are the 12 Tinder Icons and Tinder Symbols?

What are the 12 Tinder Icons and Tinder Symbols?_ ichhori.com


You're not sure what a Tinder Icon or Tinder symbol means came for some guidance? You've found the perfect resource!


In this blog post, we'll show you the top 11 Tinder symbols or icons and explain what they mean, where you can find them, and what happens if you use them


• Tinder Symbols and Icons List

This is our definitive list of Tinder icons and symbols, complete with meanings and images. If you find a new one that isn't on this list, please let us know in the comments section and we'll add it to the list


1. Tinder Green Heart Symbol

The Tinder green heart icon is basically Tinder's Like button; if you tap it on your Discovery screen, you will like the profile you see. If you swipe right on the profile, it does the same thing.


The green heart symbol can also be found in your Tinder feed. You can't just reply to a feed update; you can also react to it with the Tinder Green heart icon.


2. Tinder Blue Star Symbol

The Tinder Blue star is the symbol of a Super Like on Tinder. Super Like is a premium feature that allows you to show someone you like her before she swipes right.


The blue star icon can be found on your Discovery screen, so you can Super Like someone there by tapping on the Tinder Blue star icon, which does the same thing as swiping up a profile.


If you receive a Super Like, you will see a blue star on the profile of the person who super liked you, and if it is a match, you will see a blue star in your match list next to the name of your match.


3. Tinder Purple Lightning Bolt Symbol

Tinder Purple lightning bolt is the icon of Tinder Boost and Super Boost, which is a feature on Tinder Premium that allows you to be the top profile in your neighborhood for 30 or 180 minutes, respectively, so that your profile gets more views, and you get more Tinder matches.



You can activate your Tinder Boost or Super Boost by tapping the purple lightning bolt on your Discovery screen, or you can be directed to a sales page where you can purchase a Tinder Boost or Super Boost.


If you match with someone while using a Boost, a pink lightning bolt will appear next to her name in the match list as well.


4. Tinder X Symbol

Tinder X is the left swipe or "Nope" icon on Tinder, so if you don't want to match with someone, tap on this and the profile you're currently viewing will be swiped left.


On a mobile phone, left swiping a profile is more intuitive, so most people rarely use this red X icon.


5. Tinder Rewind Symbol

Tinder Rewind icon represents the Rewind feature, which allows you to undo your last swiping decision, whether it was a left swipe, a right swipe, or a Super Like.


If you matched with someone right after liking her profile, tapping the Rewind icon will not work. In this case, we recommend going to the profile of the new match and un-matching with her.


Tinder Rewind is also only available to Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold subscribers; you cannot use it for free unless you are a premium subscriber.



• What Does the Gold Heart Mean on Tinder?

Tinder Gold's heart is the icon for the Likes You feature, which shows you who liked you before you swipe right.


If you have Tinder Gold, you can view these profiles and swipe right on them to get an instant match. The gold heart icon will appear next to their names in this case, indicating that you were able to match with them thanks to the Likes You feature.


Even if you don't have a Tinder Gold Subscription, you can see the gold heart symbol in the upper left corner of your match list.


If you tap it, you will see the profile that liked you, but their image will be blurred. To view those profiles for free, you can either purchase Tinder Gold or use the well-known blur hack.


6. Tinder Gold Diamond Symbol

Tinder Top Picks, a premium feature that curates the top 10 profiles for 24 hours, is represented by the Tinder diamond.


When you have a Tinder Gold subscription, you can see the Tinder Gold Diamond. When you go to the Top Picks screen and tap into a profile, the gold diamond next to the person's name will appear.


If you like that profile and she likes you back, you'll see the Tinder Gold diamond symbol next to your Tinder match in your match list.


7. Tinder Blue Shield Symbol

Tinder's Blue Shield icon appears on your matches' profiles and allows you to report or unmatch your match. When you tap on it, you can choose whether to report someone or simply unmatch him.


8. Tinder Blue Checkmark Symbol

Tinder's blue checkmark is the Tinder icon that appears when a profile is verified by Tinder.


Unlike other social platforms, you don't have to be a celebrity to get this; all you have to do is take some selfies so Tinder can verify that you are who you say you are.


Because it is a new feature, you may not be able to verify your profile and receive the blue checkmark just yet. Once you're able, it's a great hack to verify your profile as soon as possible because the blue checkmark icon gives you a nice social boost because not many people use it yet.


9. Tinder Notification’s Red Dot Symbol

When there is a new update on Tinder, such as when you have a new Tinder match, someone sends you a message, or something new worth checking out, you will see a red dot.


10. Tinder Dice Icon

Tinder appears to have a new feature that includes a dice icon next to the messages.

You can see a randomly generated opening message next to the dice icon, which you can send right away if you like it.


11. Tinder Black Heart 

If you used a specific Tinder Diamond subscription feature, you may see the following black heart icon if someone likes you back.


12. Tinder Green Dot Symbol

The Tinder Green Dot is the symbol that appears when someone has been recently active in the app, which usually means within the last 24 hours.


• Official Tinder Logo

Tinder's official logo has also undergone some changes over the years. Until 2017, the Tinder logo included the entire Tinder text:



They changed it to a more minimalistic style in 2017, removing the text and beginning to use only the flame icon as their official logo. The logo also resembles a flame or a red heart, alluding to the love, attraction, and hotness of using Tinder.


Are there any Tinder Symbols or Icons we missed out and you have no idea what it means? Please let us know in the comments section below, and we will assist you.



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